Monday, October 24, 2011

Oct 24 Finds

Reliquia - bay rabicano Paso Fino mare.

Cattins Lil Coonie - bay rabicano (extreme!) Quarter Horse colt.

HHR Shania Sundance - cool big-spotted black leopard Appaloosa mare.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Oct 23 Finds

Unica LXXX - bay splash white Andalusian mare. Parentage here.

Jedidiah - amber dun (bay dun champagne) Quarter Horse colt. By the same sire, they also have Huego, a gold champagne colt and Pixie, a gold dun filly.

Bows Jetstream - classic champagne Quarter Horse mare. More pictures here.

Primrose Sterling - smoky black silver dapple Welsh Section A colt.

Golden East - chestnut Trakehner stallion with a neat set of chrome!

Harlo - sorrel Quarter Horse filly. Check out her roan-edged, reverse-snip blaze!

Tips from the IPABRA yahoogroup!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Oct 17 Finds

Birdee - gold champagne Paint filly.

Booger - gold champagne Quarter Horse colt.

Bud - gold champagne Quarter Horse colt, same sire as the above colt.

Champagne Hard Cash - amber champagne tobiano Tennessee Walker gelding.

Sky Blue Magic - black leopard Appaloosa filly with what looks like a big blaze, and two blue eyes!

Lady's Best Girl - gold champagne Tennessee Walker mare.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Oct 16 Finds

Taffy Poco Bar - bay tobiano Paint mare with a roan patch.

Zips Simply Champagne - amber cream (buckskin champagne) tobiano Paint colt.

Powers Champagne Fizz - classic champagne Tennessee Walker gelding.

No name - black leopard Appaloosa colt, with a cool pattern - check out his black nose!

No name - amber cream Quarter Horse filly.

Simon - bay Akhal Teke gelding.

Just Fit To Be Tied - dun blanket Appaloosa colt. Another cool pattern, with big "holes" in his blanket.

Lucy - chestnut Friesian mare.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Oct 12 Finds

Smart Cash Diva - bay overo Paint filly, cool markings and only a star on her face! Okay, a pretty big star, but still just a star!

VR Lechero - red roan Peruvian Paso gelding.

Runway Rubi - bay Hackney Pony mare, chromey!

Dusty's Golden Lady - gold champagne Missouri Foxtrotter mare.

Paint Me A Hickory - another cool looking overo Paint, this one a bay colt.

Hershey Candy Kisses - chestnut (?) tovero Tennessee Walker mare.

WV Tanks Artillery - chestnut Clydesdale gelding.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Oct 8 Finds

Harry JS - chestnut Suffolk Punch colt.

Decked Out N Champagne - classic dun (grullo champagne) Quarter Horse filly.

Paris - classic champagne tobiano Paint filly.

Segundo - grey Andalusian stallion, with a cream gene! Doesn't mention his base color though...

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Oct 2 Finds

Flying Diamond Magic Dancer - red roan Welsh Section A mare with high chrome - cool markings!

Sazanda - brown (?) Akhal Teke colt.

Decked Out N Champagne - classic dun (grulla champagne) Quarter Horse filly.