Thursday, March 21, 2013

Mar 21 Finds

Pistols Shady Lady - cool blue-eyed black roany blanket Appaloosa filly. 

Tipperary Jubilee - chestnut Kerry Bog Pony filly.

Dreamy Blues In The Rain - palomino tovero (frame gene) Tennessee Walker gelding.

Chester - classic cream champagne (guessing) American Cream Draft x Gypsy gelding.

Linux - grey Trakehner gelding. Says he was born chestnut. A nice example of how dark some red-based grey horses can get before they start getting light!

RF Heliodoro - buckskin Lusitano colt.

Lanhill Bailey - bay Caspian stallion.

Marida Dadan - bay Caspian stallion.

Freckles Rudy - buckskin Quarter Horse mare with a cool spotty blaze.

Luva Chex - cool dark-maned palomino Quarter Horse mare.

Prides Champagne Hopes - gold cream champagne (guessing) Tennessee Walker mare.

Indy Kitty - bay sabino pinto Thoroughbred mare.

BB Wonder Of Runchkin - VERY nice chestnut Irish Draught gelding.

Fire With Ice - chestnut near-max sabino Thoroughbred mare.

Black Ice IRA - black rabicano Arabian stallion.

Champagne Champion - amber champagne Quarter Horse gelding.

Astrid af Midgard - VERY cool black leopard Knabstrupper filly.

Sami - part-Poitou Donkey jenny. LOVE that pic!

Cross Bar Belle - cool dark champagne Quarter Horse filly.

DM's Cherokee Witch Doctor C - blue-eyed black tobiano Missouri Foxtrotter stallion.

Sonoma Sun - bay sabino pinto Arabian gelding.

Prince Albert - black Fell Pony colt.

MCF's Thunder Dan - buckskin silver Rocky Mountain Horse gelding. I think. I don't think this pretty boy is actually champagne...

Too Hot For U - blue-eyed bay tobiano American Saddlebred gelding.

Guzel Gush - bay Akhal Teke filly.

Idylwind Brychan - GORGEOUS chestnut sabino Welsh Cob gelding.

My Skip Dun It - gold dun (homozygous dun) Quarter Horse colt.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Mar 7 Finds

Watch Vanzi Peppy - gold cream champagne Quarter Horse colt.

Dykedale Winston - black Dales Pony stallion.

Magic Slippers - amber champagne Quarter Horse mare.

Dairy Land's Belle - blue-eyed bay Clydesdale mare.

Mira - chestnut Percheron mare.

Old Dominion Royal Lancer - Cleveland Bay colt.

Hickory and Chloe - dun (silver, maybe?) Miniature Mules, a gelding and a mare.

JR Look At My Socks - black super minimal tobiano Paint gelding.

Maple Acres Electra - bay Clydesdale filly with what looks like a sort of reverse blaze on her left nostril, plus a merled sock.

Frigg From Icelandic Creations - black Icelandic mare. Nothing unusual, just a very nice looking horse!

Chili Colorado - super dark palomino Morgan stallion.

Shepherd's Purse Thistle - black Dartmoor Pony mare.