Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Mar 31 Finds

HM Sassie Suzy Q - amber champagne tobiano Half-Arabian mare.

Engill fra Refsstodum - red dun splash pinto Icelandic stallion. More pictures here - TONS of splash Icelandics on that page!

Lily - chestnut PRE (Spanish Andalusian) filly.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Mar 30 Finds

Lady Fantasia - amber champagne Tennessee Walker mare.

Zee - Zonkey gelding.

Derwen Denmark - black Welsh Cob stallion.

Wyos Cowboys Like Us - blue roan Quarter Horse stallion, tested homozygous for roan.

Air Brushed Lass - bay sabino pinto Thoroughbred filly.

Phantom - sabino roan pinto Gypsy Cob stallion.

Khepri TDS - bay silver Appaloosa filly.

Vinur fra Gaited Acres - black silver Icelandic gelding.

Gazella fra Gaited Acres - black silver Icelandic filly.

Thanks for the tips, Mary!

Mar 29 Finds

Freckles - amber champagne Quarter Horse filly.

Ebony's Golden Splash - gold champagne tobiano Spotted Saddle Horse gelding.

TC Peppa Joe - gold champagne Quarter Horse colt.

Lucky Wild Flower - classic (classic cream?) champagne Tennessee Walker mare.

Duke's English Rose - black Shire mare. More pictures, a video, and pedigree here

Old Dominion Gareth - bay Cleveland Bay gelding.

Intersex Horses - not a horse-for-sale ad, but an article about intersex mares within a family group.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mar 25 Finds

Proud's Flashback - black tovero Tennessee Walker stallion.

ApplebyFair Malibu Rose - brown Fell Pony filly.

Tiger Lily - bay pintaloosa filly.

Pride's Little Cheerio - gold champagne Tennessee Walker gelding. Sire is actually "Pri-Darity's Society".

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mar 24 Finds

Pure Creme Sun - gold champagne Tennessee Walker stallion.

Champ - classic champagne tobiano Spotted Saddle Horse (with pedigree)! More pics here.

Pep Zee Go - gold champagne Quarter Horse mare.

Bealagh Aurum's Blues - bay Irish Draught mare.

Melia - grey Lipizzan filly.

Verasa - grey Lusitano mare - beautifully dappled!

Sasakis Sombreado - chestnut Spanish Arabian gelding.

Bo's Another Sensation - chestnut sabino roan Missouri Foxtrotter stallion.

Khonversation Piece - sabino white Arabian stallion.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Mar 22 Finds

Dandardel Penelope - chestnut sabino (+ splash?) Welsh Section A mare, with a partially blue eye.

Finders Keepers - chestnut Hackney Horse mare.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Mar 20 Finds

Tips - appaloosa-spotted Mule john (gelding).

Joe Swift Quincy - bay frosty roan Quarter Horse colt.

I'm Way Too Silver - black silver sabino Tennessee Walker gelding (no pedigree given).

Friday, March 19, 2010

Mar 18 Finds

Gen's Peach Champagne - gold champagne Tennessee Walker gelding.

Champagne Jam - amber champagne Racking Horse gelding.

Fire's Champagne Queen - gold champagne Tennessee Walker mare.

New Hearts Lu Anna Mor - buckskin Connemara mare.

Big Bear's Morning Mist - bay roan Connemara mare.

Galahad of Knight Haven - grey Shire gelding.

Dark Horse Misteria - chestnut Connemara filly.

Dark Horse Firebird - palomino grey Connemara mare.

Glenormiston Cuchulainn - palomino grey Connemara stallion.

Icon Flair - chestnut sabino roan Arabian colt.

Dream Weavers April Fool - smoky black Tennessee Walker filly (more pictures).

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Mar 17 Finds

Top That - gold champagne Tennessee Walker stallion.

Flash's Champagne Memory - amber champagne sabino Spotted Saddle Horse filly.

Ima Classic Champagne - amber cream tobiano Paint stallion. Pedigree and information here, and a foal picture here. Pictures of his sire here.

Hal Yah - bay sabino pinto Hackney Pony gelding.

Clanfair Graffiti - chestnut high-chrome Welsh Section B gelding.

Brigitta - bay Lipizzan mare (with three white socks).

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Mar 16 Finds

Ms Champagne Blonde - amber champagne Quarter Horse mare.

Tuffs Frosted Image - classic cream dun champagne Quarter Horse stallion.  More info and pics here, full color pedigree here.

Double Threat's Cole - classic champagne Tennessee Walker gelding.

Favorite's Little Suzie - gold champagne Tennessee Walker mare. Another ad with pedigree here.

Dream Weaver's April Fool - smoky black frame overo Tennessee Walker mare.

Desplante XIII - buckskin PRE (Spanish Andalusian) stallion. Picture of his sire here.

Rocio Seis - buckskin PRE (Spanish Andalusian) mare.

Spa Creek Spirit - bay roan New Forest Pony gelding. Another generation to his pedigree here.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Mar 11 Finds

Lunesdale Mountain Heather - grey Fell Pony mare.

DT - appaloosa roan Mule gelding.

Winter Mist - red roan American Saddlebred mare (no pedigree provided).

Bellman's Morning Glory - bay Irish Draught mare.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Feb 10 Finds

Oops!  This post must have gotten stuck in the pipe! 

Armstead's May Anna - Suffolk Punch mare. Picture of her sire here, from this page.

Iceman's Major Pride - champagne tobiano Tennessee Walker stud colt. Picture of his sire here.

Raffleschampagnewish - classic cream Paint stallion. Another ad here, more photos here, full pedigree here.

Canadream Jospatriote Seduxion - black Canadian Horse mare. More information here, full pedigree here.

Canterbury's Pretty Penny - black Dales Pony mare. Another ad with more pictures here.

Danneys Golden Sage - gold champagne Missouri Foxtrotter stallion. More pictures, info, and pics of foals here. Photos of his sire here.

Quatre G Beauty Wild H Aragorn - bay Canadian Horse stallion. Registration info here, full pedigree here.

Century Hill's Hazy Meallan - chestnut Connemara Pony gelding. Registration info here, full pedigree here.


Mar 9 Finds

Zips Color Me Lynx - amber champagne Paint filly.

RFR The Iceman - blue-eyed grey Arabian stallion.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Mar 7 Finds

Z Blanco Norsk - sabino white Half-Friesian gelding.

Khingston - light-tailed bay ("wild" bay) Arabian stallion.

Dia H Snow Goose - chestnut rabicano Morgan mare.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Mar 5 Finds

Lacey - sabino WHITE Haflinger mare.

CW's Specialeditionsilver - homozygous grey Morgan stallion.

Ragtime Dun D - grullo Morgan stallion.

Knight Passions - red dun overo Paint mare, cropout Quarter Horse.

Zipin Sierra Sonrise - gold champagne Quarter Horse stallion.

Scottish Five Bar - amber champagne Quarter Horse stallion.

Pearls For A Kid - gold champagne Quarter Horse filly.

MF Mi Little Prince Charming - classic champagne Miniature stallion.

Xceptionally Dunn - classic champagne dun (grullo champagne) Quarter Horse colt.

Classic Metallica - classic cream champagne Tennessee Walker stallion.

Chetak - chestnut Kathiawari stallion.

Chetak II - red dun Kathiawari stallion.

Chetal - bay Kathiawari stallion.

Yash - buckskin Kathiawari stallion.

Protoarabian Ezekial - grey Caspian gelding.

Ghorube Aftab Kaya - bay Caspian mare.

Kristull Quantum Leap - grey Caspian stallion.

Where are the horses?

Trying to deal with a couple of issues here!  First and foremost is a slower-than-molasses computer.  No bucks to take it in, so am having to "deal with it" for now.  Since time is harder to find, I'll be doing away with pictures for a while, due to the amount of time it takes to track down permission! 

There are also fewer horses on the sales sites that need to be checked out!  I may have mined the depths of a few sites, making it necessary to wait for new ads to show up!  Not all of the sales sites let you search the newer ads only (I'm looking at you, horseclicks and equinenow) making for clumsy and s-l-o-w navigation. 

Altered as it is, posting has resumed as of today!

Mar 3 Finds

Geordan's Prince Baloo - bay Fell Pony gelding.

Favory Altamira - grey Lipizzan gelding.

Anatinza - grey Lipizzan filly.

Favory Abiqua I - grey Lipizzan colt.

Skyfaxi from Sheep Ridge - smoky silver Icelandic gelding.

CR New Day - bay sabino pinto Arabian gelding.

Dream Scapes Darlinda - chestnut sabino pinto Arabian mare.

Spotted Sunshine - chestnut sabino pinto Arabian mare.

Unnamed - gold champagne Paint filly.

Willas Son Dee Zip - gold champagne Paint mare.