Monday, September 26, 2011

Sep 26 Finds

No name - palomino Grade mare with white mismarks on her rump.

Chocolatier - black silver dapple Missouri Foxtrotter stallion.

Butter - very interesting-looking dark palomino Quarter Horse gelding.

IF Meet Virginia - bay sabino pinto Arabian filly.

Prince Jesters Ridin Gold - cool black chestnut Missouri Foxtrotter stallion.

Mesmerized - bay Hanoverian mare with blue eyes!

Harley - bay appaloosa-spotted Mule gelding.

Sugarlane Ovation - VERY nice bay Welsh Cob mare.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sep 25 Finds

Beyond cool, this blog post has pictures (and names!) of silver and chestnut Highland Ponies, including a NEAT pair of silver duns!

Bickerdike Cracker Jack - bay Dales Pony gelding.

SFG Drayton - grey Morgan colt.

Safyre - brown silver dapple Quarter Horse mare.

Arabella - black tobiano Draft cross mare. Check out her front left - that's a BIG ermine spot!

Cowgirl Cool - palomino mare with white roan spots on her shoulder.

Woodland Acres Dixie Chick - scroll WAY down, she's fourth from the bottom. A smoky black Miniature Horse filly with no white, and a blue eye!

Thanks Bif! Thanks Nona!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sep 20 Finds

Magic Midas - buckskin overo Paint mare, with only a star and snip on her face.

No name - WAY cute tobiano mini Mule foal.

Heza Smokin Addition - dun Quarter Horse gelding. Check out the stripes!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sep 18 Finds

Fiddat Pinot Noir - grey amber champagne Part-Arabian filly. VERY dark skin, but check out the bigger pics here.

Winmaur Over The Top - bay Irish Draught mare.

Rowing Pretty Smoke - classic champagne Quarter Horse mare.

Ishtar Star Dancer - classic champagne Tennessee Walker mare.

Blue And White Windsor - AWESOME black Morgan colt.

This One's Preapproved - buckskin POA mare with a cool snowcap (?) blanket!

Dixon Rocks Dee Bar - blue roan (black?) overo Paint filly - check out those black socks!

Dazzling Nobility - brown splash white Arabian mare.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Sep 15 Finds

Panache Phoenix - brown Hackney Horse gelding.

Baxter Barn Daisey May - WAY cute Mini Donkey jenny foal.

Wind D's Wind Drifter - gold cream champagne Tennessee Walker gelding.

Paris - cute gold champagne (maybe) POA-type mare.

Cosyland Charbon Top Gun - bay Canadian Horse gelding. Pedigree and info here.

Scenics Symbol Shaker - cool bay frame overo Paint gelding with a reverse blaze/badger face, with the colored marking so big it only looks like an "eyebrow" stripe!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sep 14 Finds

Goldun - gold dun champagne overo Paint stallion.

Duchess - brown spotty Mammoth Donkey jenny.

Walker's Sunny Time - gold champagne Tennessee Walker mare.

No name - chestnut blanket Appaloosa colt. Check out that neat appy-style face marking!

Blu Eyed Jack Traced - bay roan blue-eyed Quarter Horse gelding.

Copper - neat bay (?) Donkey jack with dark points, rather than the more common light ones.

Morning Glory - way cute spotty Mini Donkey jenny.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sep 11 Finds

BWF Siempre - black tobiano Oldenburg mare, with a totally dark leg!

Royal Apolloette - bay pintaloosa Gypsy Horse filly.

Impressive Go Yen - dark chestnut or bay brindle Paint mare.

Matoaka's Marque - bay frame + sabino Thoroughbred filly.

Laciann LEFT - chestnut rabicano Haflinger mare.

Gallod Welsh Thyme - VERY nice buckskin Welsh Cob mare.

Legendary's Minnie Pearl - neat brown Mini Donkey jenny.

Champagne N Moonlight - gold cream champagne Paint filly.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Sep 7 Finds

Smart Tari Dunit - bay Quarter Horse colt with a cool white tail!

Myrewyn Sweet Salt Peanuts - neat roany chromey Welsh Cob (Pony of Cob Type?) colt with partially blue eyes

Gandi from Norris Farm - grullo Icelandic gelding.

Scotchs Chocolate Zip - black overo (possibly just frame!) Paint mare.

That's Mr To U Honey - sorrel splash overo Quarter Horse colt.

Morgan Dun N Stone - perlino dun champagne Quarter Horse colt.

El Illuminares Enrique - grullo Paso Fino gelding.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Sep 2 Finds

Flash's Champagne Cameo - classic champagne sabino Spotted Saddle Horse filly.

Zippin Three Sixteen - sorrel overo Paint gelding. Lots of body white to have so little face white!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Sep 1 Finds

Eagle Boy's Princess Alen - black tovero Tennessee Walker mare.

Edda fra Rivendell - bay silver Icelandic filly.

Silver Shining Spark - cool dapple cremello Quarter Horse stallion.