Saturday, June 30, 2012

Jun 30 Finds

Flash's Champagne Titan HS - amber champagne tobiano Spotted Saddle Horse colt.

Stormy Sonny Highlife - sorrel tobiano Paint mare with a cool-looking reverse snip in her blaze!

Cactus Kate - sorrel grade Haflinger mare. GORGEOUS dapply color!

Pasabi - black Akhal Teke gelding, looks like he has a reverse marking too, but can't see too well! Check out their webpage for a bunch more Tekes!

No name - amber champagne Quarter Horse filly.

Windys Thundersnow - chestnut few spot Pony of the Americas filly. Check out those eartips - MUCH too cute!

Champagne Stone - amber cream dun (dunskin + champagne) Quarter Horse mare.

Lone Pine Red Hot Pistol - chestnut Clydesdale colt.

Maple Drive Wilfrid Jupiter - chestnut Canadian Horse gelding.

Gen's Silver Champagne - classic cream (smoky black + champagne), I think, Tennessee Walker gelding.

Knickers Little Navajo Chip - chestnut tobiano Miniature stallion. I don't *think* he's pintaloosa, but don't those spots make you look twice?

Not Listed - bay sabino pinto Thoroughbred gelding.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

June 19 Finds

Willow Ballare - Cleveland Bay mare.

Holmside Blackthorn - Cleveland Bay stallion.

Barlinks Jewel - chestnut pearl overo Paint mare and her palomino pearl foal!

Gun Runnin Ridge Runner - chestnut frame overo Missouri Foxtrotter gelding.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Jun 17 Finds

FP Splash Of Color - cool dark palomino Morgan mare with a neat sabino blaze.

Tenors Dark Duet - bay blanket Knabstrupper x Friesian colt. Cool pattern!

Straws Mighty Magic - gold champagne blanket Appaloosa gelding.

JRM Magical Debut - chestnut extreme sabino Thoroughbred gelding.

Azarahia - classic champagne Half-Friesian stallion.

Prayerandapromise - chestnut Thoroughbred gelding with a big apron face! Probably just sabino, but cool!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Jun 11 Finds

R Smoken Lark - buckskin pearl tovero Paint gelding.

Utopian Dancing Girl - bay frame overo Tennessee Walker mare.

Polly's Princess Cruzier - classic champagne Tennessee Walker mare. I *think* she might actually be Cruiser's Polly Princess...

Chinky Silver - bay silver Quarter Horse stallion. Neat page with pics of other silvers, Bar U Champ Binder, Champs Waspy Cat, Champs Silver Tolo and Champ Silverado. A daughter named Silken Silver is on this page. Check out their Gallery page too!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Jun 10 Finds

White Knight - maximum sabino Thoroughbred colt. Might be black-based, hard to tell. Looks like mama might be grey.

RSJ Honey Ashwood - gold champagne Quarter Horse mare.

Little Yellow Oaks - palomino Morgan gelding. One of those cool, dark sandy colored palominos with dark mane and tail!

McCall's Razzamatazz - bay sabino pinto Shetland Pony mare with an off-positioned spot.

Golden Unique Link - chestnut homozygous pearl Paint colt. Do we have a name for that color? For a while, forever ago, we were calling them "tawny".

Kholor Me Extreme - bay sabino pinto Arabian mare.

Badger PF Barlnk - Overo Paint stallion. I *think* he's a palomino pearl. More pics here.

Thanks AJ!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Jun 7 Finds

Yazjemal - chestnut Akhal Teke colt with a BIG blaze!

Suyji - grey Akhal Teke filly.

Greta - bay overo Paint mare. She's definitely frame, and has a hindsock, so must also have either sabino or splash (or both). Check out how little face white she has though!

No name - gold dun (red dun champagne) (I think) Quarter Horse filly. The ad is actually for her dam though!

Champagne N Flowers - gold champagne (I think) Quarter Horse mare. Not entirely sure that she is champagne. Here is Sugar Bar Breeze, another possible gold champagne Quarter Horse mare from the same line.

Shuffle Splash - chestnut overo (sabino, I think) Quarter Horse mare. She has a cool marking, it looks like her belly spot migrated to her leg!

SHR Lenas Gold Card - buckskin grey tobiano Paint filly. Great pictures of a visibly-going-grey buckskin foal.

Hancocks Red Haze - blue-eyed red roan Quarter Horse colt. Curious about the homozygous roan idea, but ain't he cool! Minimal splash.

Potters Awesome Amber Miz - amber champagne Tennessee Walker colt.

Sierra - chestnut tobiano + sabino Grade mare. Ain't she cool? I saw the thumbnail picture and at first glance, thought the pattern looked like it belonged on a mule!

Hoanna - buckskin Akhal Teke mare.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Picture day - baby champagnes!

These two beautiful babies belong to Julie Yatsko of Manitoba. 

This first filly is sired by an amber dun (bay dun + champagne) Quarter Horse named Watch Vanzi Skipabar.  Her dam is a black overo Paint named Pirates Sapphire.

Sometimes the eye color and/or skin color is ambiguous on a champagne baby - not on this girl!  I love how she's poking her lip out here!

She's the younger one, so the other filly was still pushing her around!  She's not a mean filly, I just got a kick out of her little mean face in the next picture!

The amber champagne filly is also sired by Watch Vanzi Skipabar.  Her dam is a dunskin Quarter Horse mare named Shesa Smokin Tomboy.  Check out her little "beard"!  So cute!

Not the greatest picture, but she has a very cute head, just like her mom!  She may actually be a sable champagne (brown base, rather than bay).

Nap time!

So fuzzy!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Jun 3 Finds

Starkwood Wicked Wonder - bay New Forest Pony mare.

Ray's Golden Girl - gold champagne (I think) American Cream Draft mare.

Scooter - cute dark-pointed mini Donkey gelding.

Rockets Goldilocks - palomino tobiano Paint mare. Check out her "shadow spots", not sure what to call it, where it looks like she has palomino spots covering up some of her white spots!

Unnamed - amber cream dun (dunskin champagne) Quarter Horse filly.

Unnamed - gold champagne roan Quarter Horse filly and her amber champagne dam, CJS Primadonna.

Eowyn - bay leopard Knabstrupper mare. What a cool pattern!

DL Gold Rush Andrews - black leopard Appaloosa colt. I'm always a sucker for a black leopard, but ain't he NICE?

Aldebars Treasure - chestnut sabino pinto Arabian stallion.

No name - classic cream (smoky black champagne) Quarter Horse colt.

Khaki - classic champagne American Saddlebred mare.