Tuesday, May 29, 2012

May 29 Finds

Toby - gold champagne tobiano Tennessee Walker colt.

STM Blue Sirocco - bay splash Arabian colt.

STM Indigo Blue - black splash Arabian filly.

KCS Champagne Wishes - gold Paint filly.

Chief Twist Em Good - bay tobiano Paint colt with a "twisted blaze". I think it's actually a reverse blaze, but it's harder to visualize!

Indy La Riva - chestnut sabino (extreme pinto) Thoroughbred filly. What a cute pic!

Bold Gold Warrior E - dapple palomino Tennessee Walker stallion. Nice color, NICE horse!

Top Notch Golden Rhythm - gold champagne Missouri Foxtrotter mare. I *think* her sire is Traveler's Gold Image.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

May 27 Finds

Aiden - chestnut sabino pinto Thoroughbred gelding.

Wildwych O'Farrell - buckskin Connemara mare, such a pretty mare and such a pretty color!

Jenson Diplomat Earl - black Shire colt, one of those cool blacks born a silvery grey color.

Sonny - palomino pearl Paint colt.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

May 26 Finds

Texas Golden Girl - palomino overo Paint mare with a reverse blaze/bager face!

Trajana YR - chestnut SILVER Andalusian mare! How cool is that! So many neat horses on this page, my favorite is the buckskin with so much frosting, she looks like a Fjord - Emperatriz LXV.

Midnight Sleighty Smokey - "rocking horse" dapple grey Welsh Pony stallion.

No name - VERY cool palomino-grey Quarter Horse filly.

Braeberry Clarabel - bay Fell Pony mare.

Go Par T Beau - dark palomino Quarter Horse gelding.

Wendigos Webelos - brown Morgan gelding. Not unusual exactly, but isn't he NEAT?

Sartoriusz - chestnut Arabian stallion. Another really NICE horse!

Botticelli's Colors - SUPER cool sabino or maybe splash Dutch Warmblood gelding.

Laney Jo Koda - extreme rabicano sorrel Quarter Horse mare.

Bristol - bay sabino Clydesdale mare with her spotting on her neck, rather than her body!

No name - another badger-faced palomino!

Little Rascal - super cute grey dun Miniature Mule gelding.

No name - white Standardbred colt with solid bay parents.

Tipoffs from the Equine Tapestry blog.

Picture Day!

Have some ads to show you but I haven't got organized yet! 
In the meantime, here are some roadside horse pictures!

Check out that pale-looking baby!  The horses in the field looked like Belgians and Percherons, so that foal is almost definitely chestnut!

Haflinger?  Belgian?  Cross? 

Neat, a sabino!  Didn't notice the spot til I had the pictures on the computer!

A pretty palomino...

A different palomino with muddy legs and (probably) her foal.

What a neat pony!  I'd guess brown silver tobiano.

Love that blond sorrel color - check out those armpit dapples!

Neat spotty boy with a Percheron-type behind him

What cute faces!  Love the pinto's wall eye!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

May 16 Finds

Cruizin Double K's Hannah - Suffolk Punch filly.

Tre Awain Goldsmith - buckskin Connemara stallion. This lovely boy is "Ee", check out a palomino daughter of his here.

Stryker - cool blue-eyed ivory Miniature Donkey gelding.

Monday, May 14, 2012

May 14 Finds

Sheza Dream Version - gold champagne Quarter Horse mare. The ad is actually for her filly though!

Sweet As Sugar - bay tobiano Spotted Saddle Horse mare with a BIG roan patch!

Walkers Misty Push - classic champagne Tennessee Walker mare.

Dun N Champagne - gold dun (red dun champagne) Quarter Horse filly.

Sweet Tennessee Blues - classic champagne Tennessee Walker gelding.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

May 12 Finds

 Fancy Coquette - black silver dapple Tennessee Walker mare.

Flyaway Frosty - cool bay frosty roan Quarter Horse stallion.

GMPF Aislins Inspiration - bay Clydesdale mare with a (maybe) roan sock.

FHF Summer Daze - palomino Thoroughbred mare.

Graceful Peppy Lynx - bay Quarter Horse mare, either an incredibly minimal roan, or has a roan patch.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

May 9 Finds

Riverwilde's Chester and Riverwilde's Ginger - pair of Suffolk Punch Drafts.

Talk Of The Turkoman - buckskin Akhal Teke colt with a blue eye!

True Turk - bay Akhal Teke colt.

Danneys Champagne & Chocolate - classic champagne Missouri Foxtrotter mare.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May 1 Finds

No name - amber cream dun (dunskin champagne) Quarter Horse colt.

Sweet Tennessee Blues - dark classic champagne Tennessee Walker gelding.