Monday, February 4, 2013

Feb 4 Finds

Wow, didn't realize it had been that long! Sorry about that! Here's a whole BUNCH of horses for you to check out!

Sparky - palomino Akhal Teke colt.

Bennett's Eminent Jodi - bay roan Belgian Brabant Mare.

Whaiku - chestnut New Forest Pony gelding.

Valiant Luck - brown New Forest Pony colt.

Six T's Bunny - chestnut sabino pinto Belgian mare. You have to scroll down to find her!

Iron Horse TES Forde - bay Clydesdale gelding with a BIG apron face. Looks splashy, but you sometimes see this type of face in sabinos.

Big Jim's Jewel - gold champagne American Cream Draft Horse mare.

Pink Floyd - bay rabicano Arabian stallion. Very cool, isn't he doing a great "classic roan" impersonation?

No name - brown spotty Mule mare. Ain't she cute?

Twotimes As Bubbley - gold champagne Quarter Horse stallion.

Texana's Naomi - grey Caspian mare.

Dancer's Classic Lady - classic champagne Tennessee Walker mare.

Amazin Me - bay Appaloosa mare with some neat reverse dapples!

Skip Te Grande Impack - gold champagne Quarter Horse gelding.

Ali From Dalalif - cool Icelandic gelding, I think he's a bay dun silver.

Bridget's Indian Clover - chestnut pintaloosa Pony mare.

Simba Twist - buckskin sabino pinto Thoroughbred stallion. AWESOME!

MLC Belfast Irish Eclipse - bay roan Connemara colt.

Tintagels Tibyl - buckskin roan Connemara gelding. So cool!

Hollywood Outlaw - DAPPLED DAPPLED buckskin Half Arabian gelding. What a neat color!

Maple Hollows Bit Of Magic - bay pintaloosa Miniature stallion.

Drybarrow's Buzzard - black Fell Pony gelding. Check out that clip job, those "stockings" are so neat!

Woody - buckskin tobiano Grade gelding with one dark leg.

Butter - way cool dark palomino Quarter Horse gelding.

Maximus RF - chestnut grey PRE Andalusian colt.

Davals Sarah Souix - amber champagne Quarter Horse mare.

Vanzis Flicka - amber champagne Quarter horse filly, very unusual shade!

SBF Fabulous Finn - gold cream (palomino champagne) I think American Cream Draft Horse gelding. More pics here and here.

Generated By Pushin Gold - gold champagne Tennessee Walker stallion.

I See You Lookin At Me - buckskin sabino pinto Thoroughbred filly.

Poker - very cool appaloosa spotted Mule gelding.

Morgan Dun N Stone - amber cream dun roan (dunskin champagne roan) Quarter Horse stallion.

MQ Chilled Champagne - gold champagne Quarter Horse gelding. Pedigree here.