Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sep 30 Finds

Deep Gold - palomino Anglo Arabian mare with a TON of bend or spots!

Vanilla Dove - cremello champagne Missouri Foxtrotter mare.

Tips - very cool bay appy Mule gelding.

TA Mozart - chestnut high sabino (check out that inner foreleg, cool!) Arabian stallion.

Zee De Man - chestnut chrome-y Arabian gelding. Couple more pics here and here. Second link has some links to videos, too!

Mojave Kid - bay Arabian stallion with a roan sock.

Chicago EMP - bay blanket Knabstrupper colt.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Sep 28 Finds

Doug - another cool grey-that-imitates-silver Percheron gelding.

WHR Kris - red dun Norwegian Fjord gelding.

Queen - gold champagne Quarter Horse mare.

FC Gwendellin - "white dun" Norwegian Fjord mare. White duns are often buckskin duns ("dunskins") but some are just very light bay/brown dun. Not entirely sure which this pretty mare is!

Poppy - gold champagne Quarter Horse filly.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Sep 25 Finds

Sultan's Sword - chestnut sabino pinto Thoroughbred gelding.

SFF Valiant Luck - brown New Forest Pony colt.

Ole I - grullo ("grey dun") Norwegian Fjord gelding. Ain't he a COOL shade?

Lunesdale Mercury - grey Fell Pony stallion.

Poco Prints Dynamo - amber cream champagne Quarter Horse mare.

WR Big Storys Blue Eyes - blue-eyed bay minimal splash Quarter Horse gelding.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Sep 22 Find

Knotty June Star - cool dark buckskin Quarter Horse filly. Probably actually brown-based, rather than bay...

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Sep 20 Finds

Trigger - appaloosa gelding. Ain't that a COOL picture?

Champagne At Midnite - gold champagne roan Quarter Horse mare. She's bred to a pearl carrier, interesting...

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Monday, September 17, 2012

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sep 16 Finds

Picasso Kossack - chestnut sabino pinto Arabian stallion.

Coulee Bend Ricochet - chestnut with silver dapple Morgan colt.

Cielo's Arctic Chill - chestnut extreme sabino Thoroughbred filly. Her dam looks pretty cool too!

Unforgettable Oreo - black tobiano Paint mare. Cool spotting pattern!

Look's Champagne Cadillac - classic champagne Tennessee Walker mare. Tipoff from AJ!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sep 9 Finds

Miras - dark bay Akhal Teke gelding.

Petey - cool buckskin tobiano Mule gelding, looks cool, a shadow stripe right next to a white spot!

Spotted Wap - bay blanket Appaloosa gelding. Ain't he cool? Almost looks leopard til you see the big roaned out areas!

Honorato - buckskin Lusitano colt.

Glama fra Tails End - bay silver minimal splash Icelandic mare with blue eyes.

Ramses - chestnut Black Forest Draft Horse colt.

Pacific Pizzazz - bay tovero Miniature stallion, VERY funky pattern! Lots of neat horses to be found on this site!

Laughing Specialeyes - roany palomino Quarter Horse colt with a bunch of bend or spots. Seems like they're on palominos an awful lot!

Stardust's Just For Jean - black silver dun (grulla silver) Rocky Mountain Horse mare.

A Lunar Eclipse - classic cream (?) champagne tovero Tennessee Walker mare.

Deihl's Dokata - chestnut Belgian stallion with a mismark spot.

Fancy - gold champagne Quarter Horse mare.

KDJJ Heza Zip Vision - bay leopard Appaloosa gelding with some of those little white spots inside his colored spots, hope you can see them!

Smoketree Spectacular - chestnut sabino pinto Welsh Section B pony filly.

Epiphany - bay sabino pinto Rhinelander colt. His grandpa is Airdrie Apache, but if that's his dam behind him, she doesn't have much white! Neither does his sire.

A Diamond Is Forever - bay New Forest Pony gelding.

Tipoff from the IPABRA yahoo group.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Sep 3 Finds

HCR Rockie Heart - black leopard Appaloosa stallion with a heart-shaped mismark.

Maximus RF - chestnut grey PRE Andalusian colt. Neat progression of pics, shows how a light pointed chestnut foal can turn into a dark pointed grey!

Forest Lane Sweet Apple Scrunchions - brown Newfoundland Pony gelding.

Ultras T Party - chestnut chrome-y Morgan mare and her filly.

RC Blue Ivy Fizz - amber champagne tobiano Paint filly.

Wolf Mound's Megan - black Clydesdale mare with a COOL sabino pinto pattern! The ad is for her filly, Megan's picture is down at the bottom.

Molokai Molokini - chestnut splash Dutch Warmblood gelding.

PJA Eclats Graffitti - black leopard Appaloosa colt. Just cuz I love black leopards! Her dam, Sweet Tulsa Time, is also a cool color!

Hurcules - bay tovero Miniature stallion. Super funky face! And check out that little white ear tip! Man, I wish there were more pics of him!

Jasper Driftin Star - palomino Quarter Horse gelding with khaki eyes. Much too cool!

Davin - brown dun Norwegian Fjord gelding. Lovely pics, but what caught my eye was picture # 10, the way they've braided his forelock.

Kathy's Birthday - grey Percheron mare, check out her yearling pic, I love that phase of grey, the silver-wannabe!

Sea Accounts - black Thoroughbred stallion. My goodness, I LOVE this boy! Talented, and gorgeous!!

Cragos Doctor Bucky - buckskin Quarter Horse gelding. Kinda hard to see, and maybe I'm imagining things, but he looks like he's got a split face - two different shades of buckskin on either side of his face?

Hunnydew's Le Beau Buckeroo - buckskin tobiano Miniature stallion. Too cool, from one side he's a tobiano, from the other he's a splash (ok, a splash with no face white, but still, ain't he cool?)

Warrior Princess - chestnut New Forest Pony filly.

Chick Happens - another gorgeous black, this one a Quarter Horse mare.

B's C Me Shine - blue-eyed palomino minimal splash Welsh Section C Pony mare.

Tipoff from the Morgancolors yahoo list!