Monday, November 19, 2012

Nov 19 Finds

Say Goodnight Gracie - cool looking appaloosa Grade Pony mare. Champagne wannabe, I think she's a smoky black silver.

The Champagne Dude - amber champagne Quarter Horse colt.

Eirwen Mariposa - GORGEOUS dapple palomino sabino Welsh Section C mare.

Time Bandits - neat flaxen-tailed bay Quarter Horse gelding.

Driftin HH Josie - dunalino Mule filly, what a COOL color!

Sirena De Oro - amber champagne Half-Andalusian mare.

Classical Rock Candy - sable cream (brown + cream + champagne) Quarter Horse mare.

Benetton - bay sabino Rhinelander colt. Neat boy, his grandpa was a loud sabino, but neither of his parents are.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Nov 17 Finds

Kenar - buckskin Akhal Teke filly. Check out the pics of her beautiful sire, Eramay, too!

WF Gianni - grey Lusitano colt, very cool roan-wannabe phase!

Adora de Galileo - grulla Paso Fino mare.

John's Little Red Lady - bay roan (not sabino, true roan!) Tennessee Walker filly.

Hufflepuff - very cute and cool-colored spotty Miniature Hinny mare.

Spy On Kola - bay Quarter Horse mare, way minimal splash, with a blue eye!

Color Me Perfect - buckskin blanket Appaloosa mare. SUPER spotty!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Nov 14 Finds

Rossi Bianci - chestnut Oldenburg mare, says she has pinto spots!

TYF Legendary Y's Guy - bay tobiano Miniature gelding. I love those "ghost spots"!

Plenty Good N Lazy - bay tobiano Paint stallion. Not terribly unusual, just a neat minimal pinto.

Bexx Badd Boyy - chestnut maximum sabino Thoroughbred stallion.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Nov 12 Finds

Pine Ridge Homer - chestnut Standardbred gelding. Not too rare, but ain't he cute?

Easter Blessing - palomino Thoroughbred gelding. Pedigree here.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Nov 11 Finds

My Taliq - grey Arabian mare. What a beautiful mare. I LOVE it when people take the time to get GOOD pictures of their horses!

Splatter Kat Too - black tovero Tennessee Walker filly. I spent a lot of time looking at her! I don't think she's overo... Most likely a very unusual tobiano + sabino. Very cool looking!

Fairyhill Queen - buckskin Connemara mare, must be Ee if that's her foal with her!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Nov 9 Finds

Pepper Jack - black leopard Appaloosa gelding with a mismark on his side.

Awesome Okie Bar - amber champagne Quarter Horse mare.

Lady Sports Machine - bay frame overo Paint filly, very little face white!

Circle H Highland Mist - grey Highland Pony mare.

Ceol Beag Fiskavaig - brown dun (I think) grey Highland Pony gelding.

Ceol Beag Ailsa - grulla (I think) grey Highland Pony filly.

Cibola - smoky black (I think) grey Andalusian filly.

BH Phantom's Echo - cool black silver sabino Gypsy Horse colt.

Clanfair Secret Agent - chestnut splashy-looking Welsh Section B colt.

The Precious One - gold champagne Quarter Horse mare.

Riddari - bay Icelandic gelding with a blue eye - very minimal splash!

Fabulous Silver Apache - black silver dapple Tennessee Walker filly.

Sheza Silver Star - black silver dapple Tennessee Walker filly.

Peppys Play Date - bay Quarter Horse mare. Cool because she has four low socks and no face white!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Picture day!

How about some pictures?  Our local zoo got a pair of Przewalski's Horses in, had to check them out!  They are very cool, very different in coloration.  The light-colored one in particular was very interested in us, posing very nicely and calling after us!

What a cutie!

Can't forget about the Zebras!  This is a Grants.

And just to be completely off topic, a Snow Leopard.  The first time I've ever seen these beautiful cats active at all, and he even posed for us!


Saturday, November 3, 2012

Nov 3 Finds

Flash Stamp - grullo overo Paint colt. He sure does look like a tobiano at first glance, but I don't think he is...

Dulcinea Mexicana - grey Andalusian filly, cool grey phase with a flaxen mane.

Silverlight Saint - black silver dapple Welsh Section A colt.

Moonlights Royally Traced - black frame overo Tennessee Walker gelding.

Glenmary Last Call - palomino Connemara mare.

Aurora Xanthippe - gold cream (palomino + champagne) Quarter Horse filly. Very cool, kind of dark for a gold cream! More pics here, and they have a good few other champagnes!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Nov 1 Finds

Dandelion Moon River - grey Irish Draught mare. Not unusual, just a pretty mare, in a very pretty phase of dapple grey!

Timeless Fancy - black silver dapple Tennessee Walker filly.

Gaefa from Saga California - grulla tobiano Icelandic mare. Very cool color!

Creme de Mint - cremello silver Welsh Pony stallion.

Frosted Light - cool sorrel rabicano Quarter Horse mare with brindled roaning!

Skips Approval - bay dapple roan Appaloosa mare.

Ghostly Impulsions - bay tobiano Paint mare with a cool pattern, check out how high up her neck that white is!