Friday, April 30, 2010

Apr 30 Finds

Exception To The Rule - classic champagne Tennessee Walker gelding.

Robbi-Sue's Success Story - bay dun Morgan stallion.

JS Kira Rax - light-pointed bay Arabian gelding. Not sure I'd call him a wild bay, but he is an interesting color!

Straukur fra pinn Draumur - palomino silver dapple Icelandic stallion.

Old West Rebel BSW - amber champagne tobiano Tennessee Walker gelding. More pictures and pedigree here.

Old West Trooper - classic champagne tobiano Tennessee Walker gelding. More pictures and pedigree here.

Hershey Candy Kisses - sorrel tovero (tobiano + frame) Tennessee Walker mare.

CR New Day - bay sabino pinto Arabian gelding.

Quileute's Chief of Bootleg Farm - adorable black Shire colt - look at that face!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Apr 29 Finds

Crib Glas Bugle - smoky brown (brown + cream) Connemara gelding.

Alekhzander - chestnut Arabian stallion with a blue eye.

Grandview Justin's Otis - bay sabino roan Clydesdale gelding.

Walker's Moondancer - gold homozygous champagne Tennessee Walker stallion.

Sunny's Delight - gold champagne Tennessee Walker gelding (no pedigree given).

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Apr 28 Finds

Chestnut Oaks Foxy Hope - bay Shire mare, interestingly colored (probably from sabino).

Shadow's Morning Glory - gold champagne tobiano Tennessee Walker mare.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Apr 27 Finds

Pillsbury North Star - gold champagne Tennessee Walker mare.

Sierra Hesa Chief - sable cream dun champagne Quarter Horse stallion.

Aishet - buckskin Akhal Teke mare.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Apr 24 Finds

Paint By Numbers - grey gelding with "bloody" marking.

Sheza Dream Version - gold champagne Quarter Horse mare.

TC Felinalena - gold champagne Quarter Horse filly.

Sunny's Champagne High - gold champagne Tennessee Walker stallion.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Apr 23 Finds

Chet DT x Perfectlyrequested - sabino white Thoroughbred filly.

Caetano - cremello Lusitano stallion.

Billys Diamond Doc - gold champagne (?) Quarter Horse gelding.

Brook's Masterpiece - gold champagne Tennessee Walker gelding.

Khonversation Piece - sabino white Arabian stallion.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Apr 21 Finds

Spot - black tobiano Miniature with a funky pattern.

Heck Ya Jag - neat dark buckskin Quarter Horse gelding.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Apr 20 Finds

Promise Me Champagne - classic cream champagne tobiano Paint filly.

Canadian Frontier Z - amber champagne tobiano Tennessee Walker stallion.

Whiskey Ck Brut Champagne - classic champagne Tennessee Walker gelding. Visit the ad quick while the big pictures are still up!

Meeschack's Doodle Dandee S. - sorrel overo (?) Missouri Foxtrotter mare.

Little Royal Trash - sorrel minimal splash (one blue eye) Quarter Horse stallion.

Nantahala - perlino Connemara gelding.

Way To Go Domino - black pintaloosa Miniature colt.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Apr 18 Finds

Adora ADP - chestnut PRE (Spanish Andalusian) filly.

Ghost Dancer Bonanza - amber champagne (?) blanket Appaloosa gelding (no pedigree provided).

Valley View Prophet's Panhandler - chestnut splash overo Miniature colt.

Playboy's Country Pegasus - cremello dun Missouri Foxtrotter stallion.

Playboy's Country Belle - grulla Missouri Foxtrotter mare.

Lily - chestnut bald-faced Dutch Warmblood mare.

TE Classic Jax - bay roan-dapple (not sure what to call it) Appaloosa mare.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Apr 15 Finds

Sassy CD Olena - rabicano roan Quarter Horse mare.

My Miss Daisy Duke - gold or gold cream champagne Tennessee Walker mare.

Dfyra fra Pegasus - grey Icelandic mare.

Penmerryl's Out Of The Blue - bay Irish Draught gelding.

Ford - dun Norwegian Fjord mule john.

Du Coteau Dandy Merlot - black Canadian Horse gelding. Registration info here, full pedigree here.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Apr 14 Finds

Psonata VHF - bay Arabian mare with blue eyes.

Raffelschampagnewish - classic cream champagne frame Paint stallion.

Desplante XIII - buckskin PRE (Spanish Andalusian) stallion.

I know two thirds of today's horses are repeats.  I'll be re-posting horses when a new ad pops up, since I don't have time to check all of the older blog entries and make sure the links I've posted in the past are still current.  Given enough time, I imagine all of them will become broken links.  If you've already checked out these two horses, feel free to give your attention to the other third of today's list.  :) 

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Apr 13 Finds

Silver Nike SH - grey Shagya Arabian filly.

Lucy - roan (varnish?) Mule molly.

Cheval DeBois St. Madeline - grey New Forest Pony mare (no pedigree given).

Monday, April 12, 2010

Apr 11 Finds

Brooke's Solid Gold - gold champagne Tennessee Walker gelding.

Cody's Bit Of Honey - amber champagne Tennessee Walker mare.

Winddancer Paints A Sun - gold champagne Tennessee Walker gelding.

Angels Little Jack - black silver tovero Paint stallion.

Dbltail Laddie Gwynne - sorrel Belgian gelding with a blue eye.

VdS Azulina - perlino Peruvian Paso filly.

Chestnut Oaks Foxy Hope - bay Shire mare with flaxen tail.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Apr 7 Finds

Unnamed - black silver Tennessee Walker colt.

Fostolfur from Icelandic Thunder - grullo Icelandic colt.

Bo Fjords Silver Crystal - grulla ("grey dun") Norwegian Fjord mare.

Ayayay - palomino tobiano Paso Fino gelding. Full pedigree here.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Apr 5 Finds

Prada In Gold - palomino Thoroughbred mare.

RSJ Sweet Ashwood - gold champagne Quarter Horse filly.

Ghosty Leo - chestnut Quarter Horse mare with blue eyes.

Prairie Creek Adam Faye - black Canadian Horse mare. Registration info here, pedigree here.

Caribeau Maximilian Nabob - black Canadian Horse stallion, son of the above mare. Registration info here, pedigree here.

Risuena OSF - grey PRE (Spanish Andalusian) mare with a copy of the pearl gene.

Apr 4 Finds

Pumpkin - amber champagne Half-Andalusian colt.

Jinx - classic champagne blanket Walkaloosa stallion.

Chocolate Champagne - classic champagne Tennessee Walker stallion (sire to the above two).

Easter - buckskin grey Andalusian filly.

Arctic Sensation - black tobiano American Saddlebred stallion with neat "cat tracks" markings.

Snowy Harlem - another black tobiano American Saddlebred, also with cat tracks.

Sheer Triumph - chestnut possibly-splash American Saddlebred mare.

No name given - pintaloosa Miniature.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Apr 1 Finds

Tie Die Kid - sorrel Quarter Horse gelding with roan "mismark".

Siobhaan - black sabino/rabicano Arabian filly.

Paktaly - grey Akhal-Teke gelding.