Thursday, March 29, 2012

Mar 29 Finds

Titan de Oro - buckskin PRE Andalusian colt, new pictures of this neat colt!

ABS Unbridled Spirit - black Quarter Horse gelding with a funky blaze.

Sheza Gucci Girl - bay frosty roan Quarter Horse mare.

Kings Dandy Duck - black overo Paint mare. Funky pattern!

Consorto PL - palomino Lusitano colt with a pretty dappled color and a blue eye! You must check out Andiamo, another son of Renee D'Ora.

Duncan - grey Half-Andalusian gelding with a non-grey mark on his nose.

Unnamed - amber champagne Quarter Horse colt.

Azariah - classic champagne Part-Friesian stallion.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Mar 26 Finds

Jubilee Dazzler Protege - black Canadian Horse gelding.

Intakt GF - palomino Oldenburg gelding.

Morgan Dun N Stone - cremello champagne dun roan Quarter Horse stallion. Too cool!

Czar - black Orlov-Rostopchin stallion.

Cache Phenom You Got It - brown Canadian Horse gelding.

Half Acre's KLB - Percheron colt. Chances are he's just a faded black, but check out that muzzle, I wonder if he's brown!

North Country's Katrina's April Storm - black Shire filly. I wish they had another picture of her face, looks like she might have a big reverse snip!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Mar 25 Finds

Hot Bobbi Sox - buckskin roan Welsh Section B filly. Neat set of photos showing her color changes, and pics of her minimally-roaned dam!

MM Dun It With Class - bay Quarter Horse filly. Neat splashy filly, with a funky blaze and two blue eyes. There's also pictures of her VERY quietly marked parents!

GVG M N M - palomino tobiano Paint gelding with a funky pattern.

Charlies Elegant Lady - chestnut Appaloosa mare. Wonder if that's a disconnected appy spot, or a li'l pinto spot!

Love Biscuit - buckskin pearl Gypsy Horse stallion.

Icor - bay roan Gypsy Horse stallion. Cool boy!

Gaelic's Fire Dance - chestnut Gypsy Horse stallion. Check out the second pic showing all the colors in his mane!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Mar 20 Finds

It's Champagne On The Rox - classic champagne Tennessee Walker gelding. VERY dark!

Windomire - chestnut Oldenburg mare, very minimal sabino pinto. I hope the big picture is still up and you can see that spot on her leg!

Alajoz - chestnut Akhal Teke mare with a blue eye! Can't see it in the pic though... They have two other Tekes for sale, a buckskin filly named Padisha and a bay gelding named Ulduze. Check out Ulduze's funky stripe!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Mar 19 Finds

Double Tail Rowdy D'Or - cool roany Belgian gelding. I don't really think he's "classic" roan. Possible, but most "roan" Belgians are actually sabino roans.

Gitana RJ - smoky black Lusitano filly. VERY light color! Another color that often gets confused with dun!

DP Hazbos Sugar - gold champagne Quarter Horse filly.

WV Tanks Artillery - chestnut Clydesdale gelding. Lovely boy!

Cruella Deville - classic champagne silver (I think) Kentucky Mountain Horse mare.

Champagne Cougarand - gold champagne Quarter Horse colt.

A very cool badger-faced mare

Smart Little Anne - cool sorrel rabicano Quarter Horse filly with neat (sabino?) splashes on her legs.

Tipoff from the Morgancolors yahoo group.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Mar 14 Finds

No name - cool badger-faced black tovero Spotted Draft.

Amelia - COOL roany Mule mare with a spotty blaze. Check out their website for a neat grullo too!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Mar 13 Finds

Unnamed - amber champagne Quarter Horse filly.

Gunners Litl Smoke - chestnut splash Paint mare with a white ear.

Ms Pale Perfection - gold dun champagne Quarter Horse mare.

Mirabellas Magnum - dun Morgan stallion.

Quitoes Phoenix - palomino Quarter Horse mare. Neat winter coat with extreme dappling!

A cute picture of two buckskin foals!

Colonel Smoken Badger - gold champagne (maybe gold cream champagne?) Quarter Horse colt.

Tipoff from the ICHR facebook page.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Mar 10 Finds

Sophie AF - chestnut Shagya Arabian mare. So few that aren't grey!

Fino - chestnut Lusitano gelding. Not all that unusual, but his shade is, he's almost one of those blond sorrels!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Mar 8 Finds

Absolutely Stylish - VERY cool chestnut rabicano tobiano Paint mare.

Zurok and Buster - grullo Tarpan geldings. Not much information given, but cool-looking boys...

Wildwych Pixie Dust - palomino Connemara mare.

Santana - grey Lipizzan mare. Kind of unusual for the breed, she's all greyed out, but her mane and tail are still dark. Pretty!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Mar 7 Finds

I'm Mack Carmichael - cool light-colored smoky black Tennessee Walker gelding.

Chateaubriant do Passargada - VERY nice buckskin Lusitano stallion.

Heza Awesome Dzyn - I *think* he's a palomino pearl, Paint stallion.

Maestro - smoky black (maybe) Tennessee Walker gelding. COOL markings, looks splashy at first glance, but I think he's just sabino. A cople more pictures here.

Quimbara H - grey Andalusian filly. Very neat example of how grey can be deceiving. Lots of foals this color get incorrectly labeled as dun or grullo.

Genuine Flasher - brown Quarter Horse gelding. He's young, so it might go away, but check out that neat white tail!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Picture Day! A Chubari Grey

Can't believe I hadn't posted these yet! 

Here are some cool pics of a "chubari style" dapple grey.  I don't think any genetic mechanism has even been theorized for these type of dapples, and the horse will grey out. 

Pictures taken by Andrea Jackson of Saskatchewan. 


Sunday, March 4, 2012

Mar 4 Finds

Lucky Chappy - VERY cool bay rabicano Thoroughbred colt. Pedigree here.

AnB No Stoppin Me - dun leopard Appaloosa stallion with a mismark.

Pepwood Rap CC - bay roan Quarter Horse gelding. Very minimal roaning. I think he's actually a frosty roan.

Alliance's Clair de Lune - smoky grulla silver Rocky Mountain Horse mare. Very cool! Also check out the silver roan and the silver grulla on the same page!

Thanks AJ! Plus a tipoff from the IPABRA yahoo group.