Sunday, August 25, 2013

Aug 25 Finds

Alekhzander - chestnut blue-eyed pinto Arabian stallion.

Sondertanz - black blue-eyed Trakehner mare.

TR Little Prince - black tobiano blue-eyed (is there a theme today?) Shetland Pony colt.

Onyx - classic cream (smoky black champagne) Quarter Horse colt.

Rose Hill Lincoln - gold champagne American Cream Draft Horse stallion.

Poederosa All That Jazz - grey Dales Pony mare.

Patina de Bravio Oro - buckskin pearl Andalusian filly.

Gold Digger V - GORGEOUS bay Arabian mare.

Maple Drive Wilfrid Jupiter - chestnut Canadian Horse gelding.

Quillane Audacious - bay splash white (blue eyes!) Welsh Cob filly.

Champayne After Dark - gold cream (palomino champagne) (I think) Quarter Horse filly.

AAR Khlassic River - bay sabino roany Arabian stallion. Doesn't he look like a "true" roan?? Great impersonation!

RSJ Golden Sonrise - gold champagne Quarter Horse filly.

Casper's Midnight Moon - gold cream champagne Spotted Saddle Horse gelding.

Holmside Blackthorn - Cleveland Bay stallion.

Du Coteau Lalou Kay - chestnut Canadian Horse mare. Pedigree here.

Wildside - bay Tennessee Walker with a cool lopsided blaze!

Shakespeare's Power Surge - gold champagne Tennessee Walker gelding.

Champagne Shades Of Gold - classic champagne Tennessee Walker stallion.

Harlequin Doubledott - bay blanket Appaloosa mare. Isn't that a cool pattern?

Double Shot Of Champagne - classic champagne Tennessee Walker stallion.

Rocoso Dorado - buckskin pearl PRE Andalusian colt.

Jokers Jazzy Ace RP - gold champagne Tennessee Walker stallion.

Rancholago's Hi O Silver - grey Fell Pony gelding.

Elska from Rock Ranch - cool dun Icelandic mare.

Nevada Champagne - gold champagne tobiano Paint filly.

Qtlicious Champagne - sable cream tobiano Paint filly.

Champagne Troubador - classic champagne Rocky Mountain Horse stallion.