Monday, February 28, 2011

Jan 28 Finds

Tejons Triple My Kash - bay overo Paint gelding. Check him out, big pinto spots, but just a little stripe, not even a real blaze!

Fannar fra Langholti II - brown dun Icelandic gelding.

Glodis fra Holti - smoky black silver (maybe) Icelandic gelding.

Gullver fra Graenidal - chestnut minimal splash Icelandic gelding - check out his blue eye!

Moeidur fra Sydra-Gardshorni - grulla tobiano Icelandic mare, what a gorgeous color!

Frokk fra Minni-Borg - grey Icelandic mare with "bloody shoulder" type markings.

Thanks, Nona!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Feb 27 Finds

Two Tone Barlink - black (brown, maybe?) overo Paint stallion. If memory serves me, this guy also has a pearl gene.

XL Carlita - very cool dapple bay Paso Fino mare.

Spruce Meadow Saffron - black Dales Pony mare. More pics and pedigree here.

Ayal Pikira - bay Akhal Teke mare. Check out her cool headgear! More pics and a cool picture pedigree (plus other horses!) here.

Cloud - gold cream champagne Paint colt.

Salt Air Shires Diplomacy - black Shire colt. Big stockings, but no blaze - just a big star!

Jenson Sampson Elizabeth - black Shire mare with a really funky blaze!

Burley Rain - very funky looking bay roan New Forest Pony mare.

Cinnamon's Zumba - cute chestnut New Forest Pony colt with a blue eye!

Frida - lovely dapple sorrel Jutland Draft mare.

Thanks, Nona!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Feb 25 Finds

Westfar Bo - bay sabino pinto Welsh Section B gelding.

Beckett's Creek Ferari Phantom - black Canadian Horse gelding. Pedigree here.

Get The Lead Out V - cool roany chestnut sabino Missouri Foxtrotter gelding. Bonus fact: his sire is a champagne!

Brook PFF - grey Shagya mare. Pedigree here.

Dillon - amber champagne Mule gelding.

Fitja Hljomur fra Oddholi - grullo Icelandic stallion, check out that frosting!

Hruni fra Breidumork - grullo tobiano Icelandic stallion. I wonder if that foreleg is actually dark, looks like he's got bell boots on, so can't really see!

Kleopatra fra Fagerang - buckskin Icelandic mare. The cream dilutes do seem to be outnumbered by the duns, one of the few breeds where this is the case!

Feykir fran Aker - grullo silver Icelandic stallion. Gorgeous shade, I wonder if he's also got a cream gene.

Loftur fra Modrufelli - bay silver Icelandic stallion.

Stjarni fra Laekjarskogi - chestnut roan Icelandic gelding. Not a lot of the "true" or dark headed roan Icies!

Lisa fra Bjarnarhofn - bay dun silver Icelandic mare.

Milla fra Pingnesi - chestnut tobiano (way, way, way, way minimal!) Icelandic mare.

Thanks, Nona!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Feb 24 Finds

Too Cute Hoot - dun appy Mule gelding, look at that face!!

Nott fra Nevala - super, super minimal black tobiano Icelandic mare.

Hettugrima fra Kaakkola - grulla silver Icelandic mare.

Fagur fra Arbakka - very light colored black silver dapple tobiano Icelandic stallion.

Salka fra Nevala - grulla Icelandic mare.

Glaesir fra Alfahlio - black (?) silver dapple tovero (tobiano + splash) Icelandic stallion. I'm not sure how to translate his name into english characters, maybe should be "Glaesir fra Alfahlid"?

Geisli fra Koldukinn - grullo silver dapple Icelandic gelding.

Thanks, Nona!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Feb 23 Finds

Rey PM - buckskin pearl PRE (Spanish Andalusian) stallion.

Imprevisto VII - bay pearl grey PRE colt. But why does he look like a buckskin? Bay + pearl = bay. Buckskin + pearl = buckskin pearl (see horse above). Maybe he's a very light bay? Or... ?

Caton RSF - chestnut PRE stallion. Check out those reverse dapples!

Sveifla from Rivendell - red dun Icelandic filly.

Valbra fra Nevala - grulla Icelandic mare.

Silfurtoppur fra Hennum - very cool black silver dapple Icelandic gelding.

Aurora fra Ruusukivi - way minimal black tobiano Icelandic mare.

Tata fra Nevala - brown (I think) dun Icelandic filly.

BH Chloe - brown sabino Gypsy Horse filly. Love her pattern! Wondering if she's actually a faded black, rather than brown, but not sure!

Puchis Special FX - bay sabino pinto Thoroughbred colt. More pics of him here.

No name listed - dun Mule baby. The ad is actually for the foal's Donkey sire, but that pic is way too cute!

Choco Dock Junior - buckskin silver Rocky Mountain Horse stallion. Very cool color!

Thanks AJ! Thanks Nona!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Feb 22 Finds

Platinum Stables Classic Thunder - classic champagne (maybe silver, too) Miniature colt. A bit more information here.

Venturoso HM - palomino Lusitano stallion.

Corsair's Smudge - bay Connemara mare.

Ladz Blu Jac - bay Quarter Horse mare with a blue eye. Guessing she's a minimal splash, but the bottom part of her blaze looks unusual for splash!

A Real Natural - bay Quarter Horse mare. How funny, what I find interesting about this mare is exactly the same as with the previous one!

Too Cute Too Zip - sorrel Paint filly. Is she a minimal tobiano with a dark leg? Or a sabino with only a little face white? Can't tell! Wonder what her parents look like...

Sassy Sugar Olena - sorrel rabicano Quarter Horse filly.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Feb 21 Finds

Unnamed - chestnut roan Quarter Horse filly. Very funky roaning pattern! This may just be a phase she's going through, but I wonder if she's got two roaning genes - "true" or dark-headed roan, plus frosty roan.

PK's High Fashion - chestnut pinto Thoroughbred mare. They don't mention testing her for frame, and to me, she looks more like a sabino. Either way, cool spot!

Baturro XXIII - buckskin PRE (Spanish Andalusian) stallion. Not alot of info on the page, but he is beautiful!

Linda V - Lipizzan mare. If that's not roan, then what?? Very, very cool...

Thanks Nona!  Thanks AJ!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Feb 20 Finds

Rubi WC - chestnut PRE (Spanish Andalusian) filly.

Raina - chestnut Hanoverian filly. Check out that funky blaze! Looks like she has half a blaze, and half a reverse blaze!

Unnamed - sable cream champagne (brown + cream + champagne) Quarter Horse colt. More pictures here.

Kill Bill - bay silver minimal splash (check out his blue eyes!) Estonian Native Horse gelding.

Thanks, Nona!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Feb 19 Finds

Knabstruppers - a very cool site showing lots of "back in the day" Knabstruppers!

FV Aul Rabba - chestnut sabino pinto Arabian stallion.

Devon Heir - very nice chromey black Hanoverian stallion.

Hagens Saffran - very cool smoky brown grey Connemara stallion. Check out his progression! And those reverse dapples! That last photo (him as a three year old) looks like a totally different horse - no grey hairs to be seen! Good thing you can still see that distinctive blaze, or I'd wonder if the wrong photo was put up!

Golddigger Laddie - buckskin roan (frosty roan, maybe) Connemara stallion. My favorite is the last pic!

Thanks for the tips, Nona!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Feb 17 Finds

Maestoso Shama II - grey Lipizzan gelding.

Lectrics Tee - wild bay Quarter Horse gelding.

Jaag - grey Standardbred gelding.

Lucky Cat Bid - bay minimal tobiano Paint gelding. Check out those spotty socks!

Maplehill Blaithin - smoky brown Connemara mare. Check out that second picture - what a cool color!

Coco of Rosscon - very cool dark dapple palomino Connemara mare, doing a great imitation of silver! Another picture here, and pedigree here.

Platan - black Russian Trotter stallion. Dapple black! Cool color, and a cool breed!

Danish Gypsy Horses - this link shows the show champions that belong to this particular farm. Very nice bunch! Their foal page is here, and their stallion page here - check out that first stallion - he's got a reverse blaze!

Thanks for the tips, Nona!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Feb 16 Finds

Brooks TN Taylor - gold champagne Tennessee Walker gelding.

Gamblers Maya - black silver roan Rocky Mountain Horse filly. Always love the look of these "chocolate" roans!

DFE's Future Is A Dun - grullo Missouri Foxtrotter stallion.

Santa Fee - black rabicano Dutch Warmblood (?) mare. Very light ticking/brindling markings! Click on the "fotos" tab for bigger and more pics!

Thanks for the tips, Nona!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Feb 15 Finds

Approvals Funny Face - chestnut blanket Appaloosa stallion with a funky blaze. Love the name! I'd guess frame by the shape of the blaze, but not sure, especially considering all that leg white! Maybe frame + sabino?

Chips Mister Cash - sorrel minimal splash Quarter Horse/Paint gelding.

Powder Puff - way too cute grey dun spotty Miniature Donkey filly.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Feb 14 Finds

Aikane's Wooden Classic - grey Morgan mare.

CW's Silver Surprize - grey Morgan mare.

Spiritwoods Midnight Jazz - smoky black Morgan mare.

Texas Ranger - bay blanket appy Mule gelding.

Jet - black overo Grade gelding, curious looking spots!

Ridgefield's Supreme Jessie - sorrel Belgian filly. Not unusual exactly, but very pretty!

Nitro Starlight - cool chestnut sabino and rabicano Quarter Horse stallion. Check out that neat feather of white on his foreleg!

Dargan - very cool dark dapple buckskin Akhal Teke stallion.

Farmens Ena - bay roan European Belgian mare. Very cool, gotta love those big drafts!

The Next Big Thing - bay roan Connemara mare. Check out those reverse dapples!

Grange Bobby Sparrow - bay roan Connemara stallion.

Killea Island - gorgeous shade of dark dappled buckskin, Connemara stallion. Very neat to compare him to the Akhal Teke above, love both, the dark golden of Dargan, and the pretty straw-colored highlights of Killea Island!

Bredemadgards Aicha - buckskin Connemara mare. Check out that third pic, with the white dappling on her rump! Roaning?  Unshed winter hair?

Cleos Antonius - palomino-grey Connemara stallion. Very cool, check out the pics of him as a little guy! And look how dark he got before dappling!

Thanks for the tips, Nona!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Feb 12 Finds

Jetta - black sabino Tennessee Walker mare. No pedigree given. Neat pattern though, almost looks like a funky tobiano!

MLB Bella Sonata - VERY cool dark dapple palomino Morgan filly.

Legacy In Gold - palomino Thoroughbred stallion.

Pebbles In The Snow - bay blanket Appaloosa filly with cool markings. Check out her white eartips!

Illini's Marshmellow - smoky black tovero Tennessee Walker filly. Pretty cool markings, makes me wonder if she's got splash!

Illini's Declaration - classic champagne tobiano Tennessee Walker filly.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Feb 10 Finds

Uniquely Destined - bay blanket Appaloosa filly with very funky markings! Pretty sure she's been on here before, but she's still cool!

Downland Condor - smoky black Welsh Section B stallion.

Macarns Double Take - black blanket American Knabstrupper gelding. The American Knabstrupper Association website doesn't say alot, but I gather these horses would not be eligible for European registration. Anybody got some inside info?

Lucky Wild Flower - classic champagne Tennessee Walker mare.

Ramblers Classic Image - classic champagne tobiano Missouri Foxtrotter filly.

Name not given - gold champagne Missouri Foxtrotter gelding. Can't be sure, but I *think* this might be Danney's Golden Sage.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Feb 9 Finds

Ebony Spot Dot Com - black tovero Tennessee Walker mare. Check out that funky blaze, looks like a possible "reverse blaze"!

Derwen Denmark - black Welsh Cob stallion.

Galahad - buckskin Akhal Teke colt.

Straws Mighty Magic - gold champagne blanket Appaloosa gelding. Younger pics here, and pedigree here.

Dillon - amber (I think) champagne Mule gelding. Scroll about halfway down. Lots of pics!

Pershing's Millenium Bug - very cool and stripy dun Mule mare.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Feb 8 Finds

Fleur Clair - bay Dutch Warmblood filly. I LOVE those ears! Lots of the warmbloods are very large-eared as foals, but they seem to grow into them!

Coracao de Leao HM - bay Lusitano stallion, check out that big blaze!

Storybook Merit Sundance - brown Canadian Horse gelding.

Berthiaume Kurt Praline - black Canadian Horse mare.

Neapolitano Gloria II-I - grey Lipizzan gelding.

Rock And Rail Eve - bay Clydesdale mare. Another example of a flaxen-tailed bay sabino.

Bella - bay dun Paso Fino mare.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Feb 7 Finds

Dandy N Fanci - sorrel Quarter Horse mare with a cool blaze! Not actually sure what pinto genes are causing it, could be just-sabino, but I wouldn't be surprised if she had both the sabino and splash genes!

RCS Zippin Invester - bay overo Paint mare. Can't see all of her feet, so not sure if she has any socks. But check out the markings on her barrel. Those are spots of white that have been almost totally covered up by spots of bay, a common feature of splash + frame.

Kalisha Pocohontis - black overo Paint mare, very cool blaze, possibly just-frame.

Hilary and Georgia - blue roan Percheron mares. Lots of greys are described as roan, but these girls actually are roan! Check out the reverse dapples!

Sierra Estrella - black sabino roan Peruvian Paso mare.

Tims Starry Night - buckskin silver dapple Rocky Mountain Horse filly. This color often gets confused for champagne!

Driftin Roy - bay dun roan Quarter Horse stallion.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Feb 4 Finds

HAAP Snowy River - chestnut extreme sabino pinto Arabian stallion.  I don't imagine this is a new one for most people, but looks like new pictures!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Feb 3 Finds

DreamRisen - bay blanket Appaloosa stallion with a mismark.

Blue Eyed Redneck - chestnut blanket Appaloosa with a blue eye, almost definitely minimal splash.

Toorboy Frankie - buckskin going grey Connemara gelding.

LSL Lindsay Lair - bay sabino Clydesdale mare. Has a lot of white in her tail, but not all that unusual. I just think she's cool!

Takin Careofbusines - chestnut rabicano Quarter Horse gelding. Check out his tail, nice pic of the white "bars" rabicano puts on the tailhead.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Feb 2 Finds

Maple Hills Impressive - bay Hackney Horse gelding. Pedigree here.

Kynynmont Laney - bay Connemara mare.

Maruk - buckskin Akhal Teke stallion. More pictures and link to pedigree here.

Ak Syrgym - bay rabicano Akhal Teke colt.

Tuffs Frosted Image - classic cream dun (smoky grullo champagne, or black + cream + dun + champagne) Quarter Horse colt. More pics here.

Favory II Rona - grey Lipizzan gelding.

H'Ala Mode - chestnut sabino Thoroughbred colt, almost white all over!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Feb 1 Finds

Tosca - black Lusitano mare. Pedigree not listed. Very cool picture of her, clipped. Check out the difference in colors!

Everest Snoopy - bay New Forest Pony mare.

Cherokee - black pintaloosa mare.

Smoke A Boon - chestnut overo Quarter Horse colt. Guess these won't be unusual for a whole lot longer!