Thursday, March 31, 2011

Mar 31 Finds

Esoteric's Shadowy - grey American Saddlebred mare. Not rare, exactly, but definitely uncommon!

Vandy's Little Miss Muffet - Buckskin silver Miniature mare. Doing a fair impression of champagne!

Will He Reflect - Dun (buckskin, maybe, can't tell) Appaloosa stallion. Love this "dapple roan" pattern! I think they keep roaning out though!

Texas Ranger - very cool bay appy Mule gelding.

Gazelle - chestnut sabino pinto New Forest Pony mare.

Mirabell - buckskin New Forest Pony mare with a blue eye! Minimal splash, maybe?

Boneco - bay Lusitano stallion. Check out that coat texture!

Brirreu d'Alem - buckskin Lusitano (I think, no sire listed?) colt with some cool dark streaky markings on his rump!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Mar 30 Finds

HQH Easter Chick - grulla Quarter Horse filly. Check out those frosty legs - commonly seen on bay or black-based foals as they shed their foal coats.

Unnamed - grullo Quarter colt. Very young. So cute!

Spot A Rocket - bay tovero Paint gelding, with a blaze similar to the Half-Arabian from yesterday.

Dakota Dash For Cash - black rabicano Quarter Horse gelding.

Show To Win - buckskin Thoroughbred stallion.

Joker's Champagne Toast - gold champagne Tennessee Walker gelding. Pedigree not given.

Clanfair Autograph - chestnut Welsh Section B pony with a cool blaze. Maybe wall-eyed or blue-eyed? Can't quite tell!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mar 29 Finds

Eblen's Painted Lady - black tobiano Half-Arabian mare with a cool blaze half covered in pinto spots!

DFF Thunderhoof Noble's Onslow - grey Shire gelding. I just think he's neat looking!

Star Fire's Prairie Rose - chestnut Missouri Foxtrotter mare. Typical body shade, but very dark mane and tail!

Zza Zza - buckskin silver Gypsy Horse filly.

Classical Dream Weaver - palomino frame overo Tennessee Walker colt. 

Guaranteed Pegasus - palomino Thoroughbred mare.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Mar 28 Finds

Champagne Moon Dunit - amber champagne dun Quarter Horse colt.

Champagne Cat Vanzi - gold champagne Quarter Horse filly, same sire as the above colt!

Unnamed - bay silver roan Rocky Mountain Horse stallion.

Khoda Khrome NB - bay pinto Arabian colt. Check out that flaxen mane and tail! I wonder if his legs are that light, or if he has four socks. Can't see well enough! More pictures here. Lots of cool horses to check out on that page - Sundae Khartoon is another example of a sabino apron face!

Grand Touch Of Silver - black sabino Tennessee Walker stallion. Check out that light tail!

New Lake's Call Me Crook - bay tobiano Tennessee Walker gelding. Check out that thin little off-to-the-side stripe! Wonder if it's actually the remaining edge from a big blaze with a reverse blaze on top...

Cowgirl In Pearl - palomino pearl Paint filly.

Vanzies Painted Titan - gold champagne overo Paint filly.

Dually - amber champagne tobiano Paint gelding. Same sire as the above filly!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Mar 27 Finds

Classic Acres Arc O Clyde - cool stripy red dun Mule gelding.

No name - possible amber cream dun (bay + cream + dun + champagne) Quarter Horse filly.

Duke - black Tennessee Walker gelding (no pedigree listed). Cool set of markings! The edges look sabino, but you don't usually see that kind of "apron face" with sabino alone. Sometimes Clydesdales are similarly patterned though!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Mar 26 Finds

Hopeless Obsession - classic cream (?) Quarter Horse mare.

Seychellina - grey Lipizzan mare.

Celtic Warrior - chestnut Hackney Horse stallion.

Fancy Lil Hotrod - sorrel extreme splash Paint mare.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Mar 25 Finds

He's Black Hills Gold - cool dark buckskin Tennessee Walking Horse stallion.

The Gold Miner - palomino tobiano Tennessee Walking Horse stallion that also has the frame overo gene.

Unnamed - gold champagne (homozygous champagne) dun Quarter Horse colt.

Shenandoah Fiddler - black Dartmoor Pony gelding. Teeny pics though!

Blizzards Pink Champagne - gold cream Missouri Foxtrotter filly.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Mar 24 Finds

Firecrest Santa Fe - grey Morgan stallion.

Little Mist Twist - sorrel rabicano (patchy!) Quarter Horse mare.

Annas Robin Echo - bay frame Paint mare. Probably just-frame, which isn't very common. And check out her teeny face marking!

Cookie Monster - bay German Riding Pony mare. A breed I find interesting. It actually seems to be something of an umbrella registry, for a variety of crossbreds. This pretty mare is a Welsh x Oldenburg cross.

Chief - gold champagne Tennessee Walker gelding.

Napoleon - sorrel pinto Miniature Horse colt. Check it out, he's got little white patches on his clipped coat. Not visible at all in his winter coat. Hmmm...

Wakanda - black Nokota Horse mare.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Mar 23 Finds

SLR Blue J's Donner - blue roan Belgian stallion!! I suspect he's actually brown. And he looks to have frosty roan. This doesn't mean he's not frosty roan + pointed roan (dark-headed, or "true" roan) however. Whatever he is, he's awfully cool! More pictures here.

Joses Hot Chili - bay rabicano (brindled!) Quarter Horse mare.

Kayenta - cool dark palomino Morgan mare.

Smoked Gold - buckskin Thoroughbred stallion. Pedigree here.

Princess Noble - sorrel Haflinger filly. Says she "will have a curly mane and tail". What's up with that? Now I'm going to be looking extra hard at Haflingers!

B Bar Diamond - chestnut Suffolk Punch mare.

Roscoe - cool leopard appy spotted Mule gelding.

Calliope Bug - dark buckskin, or maybe smoky brown Quarter Horse mare.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Mar 22 Finds

Gerga - brown Akhal Teke mare with a belly spot (doesn't show in the pictures though)!

Ripley - bay blanket Grade gelding. He has a blue eye. Sometimes blue eyes are subtle. Sometimes they aren't. Ain't he cool?

Dun Spun Black - black Quarter Horse stallion with high whites - my favorite color combination. Did I mention he's also a blue-eyed minimal splash?

Monday, March 21, 2011

Mar 21 Finds

Two Tone Barlink - black (or maybe brown) pearl overo Paint stallion. Check out his buckskin pearl daughter here!

Jules Fancy Kid - minimal splash Quarter Horse filly.

Spectacular Image - black tobiano Chincoteague Pony stallion.

Jubilee Dazzler Notorious - black Canadian Horse mare. That first pic is a great example of how faded a black can get, especially in winter coat! Interestingly enough, she is registered as grullo. No dun markings though. Some black foals are born a silvery color with countershading, might have been the case with this mare.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Mar 19 Finds

Lunesdale Mountain Heather - grey Fell Pony mare.

FTD Aste - red dun Norwegian Fjord gelding. Pedigree here.

Bridon Dairilea - chestnut Irish Draught mare.

Dagget Brook Gabby - grey Percheron mare. Very cool phase of grey, very dark body and super light mane and tail!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Mar 18 Finds

Brisandro - chestnut sabino pinto New Forest Pony gelding.

Gullabos Camus - very cool dapple sooty chestnut New Forest Pony stallion.

Maaskolan Robinson - grey New Forest Pony gelding. Check out his stripes and splotches in that fourth picture! Wonder what that is...

Korholan Smurffi - chestnut New Forest Pony gelding with birdcatcher spots!

VV Hangel Hulmu - brown roan New Forest Pony mare, with cool roan dapples!

Anima Delicata - amber champagne Half Arabian mare.

TDR Rana Akina - bay Arabian mare with lacing *and* a blue eye!

Thanks Nona! Thanks AJ!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Mar 17 Finds

Muddys Willow Oak - bay Quarter Horse filly with roany "mismarks" on her side.

Desert Countrys Golden Pixie - Missouri Foxtrotter mare. Listed as gold champagne, and she might be. I don't see it in her pedigree though, and there are more than a few "pink-skinned palomino" Missouri Foxtrotters that test negative for champagne. So I'm not really sure what to call her!

Ballabeg Dixie - cool roany sabino Clydesdale filly with a couple neat dark patches.

Misty's Storm - palomino tobiano Chincoteague Pony colt.

Little Giants Joshua - black Clydesdale stallion with a cool pinto pattern!

Tipoff from the ICHR email list.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Mar 16 Finds

Flash's Champagne Rider - gold champagne sabino Racking Horse colt.

Flash's Champagne Dynasty - classic champagne tobiano Racking Horse filly.

Flash's Champagne Trinity - amber champagne tobiano Racking Horse filly.

Atlantis Bey V - chestnut Arabian stallion. Big sabino stockings, but only on his front legs! Fun fact - this guy has a Breyer portrait model made for him!

Canterbury's Pretty Penny - black Dales Pony mare.

Heart Mt. Midnight Special - very cool sabino pinto black Shire colt. Check out his white throat!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Mar 14 Finds

All Gussied Up - chestnut chrome-y Morgan mare.

RPM's Silver Persuasian - cool sooty buckskin silver Rocky Mountain Horse filly.

Morgan Dun N Stone - perlino dun champagne Quarter Horse colt!

Unnamed - palomino Thoroughbred colt.

Piper - cute pintaloosa filly. Neat looking pattern, I would have taken her for having tobiano, but she might actually be a homozygous splash. Check out her (probably) minimal splash sire here.

Jag's Smokin Rocket - palomino tovero Paint gelding. Check out that half-and-half ear!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Theme post - Estonian Native Ponies


For something different, check out these Estonian Native Ponies!

Tornado - dapple black Estonian gelding.

Edia - brown silver (?) Estonian mare.

Miranda III - black Estonian mare.

Ruts II - chestnut rabicano Estonian gelding.

Rosita - grulla (?) Estonian mare.

Albi - palomino Estonian mare with a VERY cool blaze!

Egil - black silver (?) Estonian gelding. I have seen horses colored like this that were just sun-faded blacks, so can't be sure!

Ruutel - buckskin silver Estonian gelding.

Rivaal II - palomino Estonian gelding.

Reilender - buckskin silver Estoninan gelding, he is also the sire of Rivaal II, above.

Thanks, Nona!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Mar 10 Finds

Chop Styyx - brown Arabian gelding. Interesting looking coloration - I think he's been body clipped.

Triple Scotch Rickey - palomino splash overo Paint gelding.

Dulce de Crema - very cool grullo Paso Fino gelding. Pedigree here.

Atlantis - black leopard Knabstrupper stallion.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Mar 9 Finds

North Forty Gem - sorrel splash Paint gelding, check out that cool white chest!

Amazing - bay Dutch Warmblood stallion with a cool blaze!

Kynynmont Legacy - bay Connemara mare.

Siggi fra Steen - smoky brown (brown + cream) Icelandic gelding.

Dun It In Color - palomino blanket Appalaoosa gelding. I just think his blanket is kind of funky looking, like it accidentally slipped forward!

Fancys Fancy Lady - gold champagne Tennessee Walker mare.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Mar 8 Finds

Cajun Belle - VERY cool black brindle Tennessee Walker filly.

Snaeja fra Asi - palomino tovero (almost definitely tobiano + splash) Icelandic mare.

Lanrock La Hiina - brown New Forest Pony mare with blue eyes! Pretty cool looking, I'd have expected splash white, but with that big star and little snip? Hmmm...

Classics Shogun - bay silver roan Rocky Mountain stallion, lovely color!

Chippito's Beautyful Colour - cool stripy roan (like Catch A Bird!) Miniature Horse!

Color Dictionary -this is beyond cool, a translation page for horse colors in different languages!!

Siglavy Bana-9 - grey Lipizzan stallion who also happens to be heterozygous for grey, heterozygous for ROAN, and has at least one "e"! I've died and gone to horse color geek heaven!! Check out the other pages for pics of his foals!

The Promise Goldun Dollar - smoky grullo Welsh Section A stallion.

Standardbreds - a quartet of colorful broodmares - a buckskin, and three tobianos (one of them roan!)

Kazan Af Nollund - bay Knabstrupper stallion, with a pinto spot instead of appy spots! He's the very last one on the page, but all of them are pretty cool!

Zennie's Fabiola (fifth horse down) - Not for sure, but this little guy almost looks more like a bloody shoulder-marked grey, than an appaloosa. Hmm... And what is he, a miniature Knabstrupper? How cool is that! Once more, lots of other neat horses on the page!

Thanks Nona!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Mar 7 Finds

Colorado Skrodstrop - bay leopard Knabstrupper stallion.

Tromma fra Kjarri - brown Icelandic mare.

Celtic Tamara - bay Connemara mare with a COOL blaze!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Mar 6 Finds

Posh Dressed To The Nines - cool bay roan and wall-eyed Welsh Pony gelding.

Legends Dream - amber champagne Appaloosa filly.

Illini's Declaration - classic champagne tobiano Tennessee Walker filly.

Banner's Sippin Champagne - classic champagne Tennessee Walker mare.

Platinums Lady Gunsmoke - way dark amber champagne Tennessee Walker filly. No pedigree listed.

Angel - black frame overo Saddlebred filly.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Mar 4 Finds

I'm Dunbelievable L.S. - grullo Tennessee Walker stallion.

Hillside Balrog - chestnut New Forest Pony gelding. Check out that jaggedy blaze!

Gallod Arwenna - bay Welsh Cob mare.

Taz - cool sorrel rabicano/sabino Quarter Horse gelding. Check out those funky leg markings!

Mystical Note - cremello Thoroughbred filly.

Thanks, Nona!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Mar 3 Finds

Going Regal - bay big-spotted leopard Appaloosa colt.

Zip Kachina - dark grey-maned palomino Paint mare.

Sea Spot Run - chestnut frame Saddlebred gelding.

Drifter - gold champagne Tennessee Walker gelding.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Mar 2 Finds

Lil Ruf Expresso - super dark buckskin (smoky brown, maybe) Quarter Horse gelding. No pedigree listed.

Just One Smart Look - chestnut blanket Appaloosa gelding, with a disconnected appy spot that could be confused for a pinto spot. Conversely, some appies with pinto spots get regular registry!

Adalina -grey Lipizzan filly. No pedigree listed. What's up, Dreamhorse? Not using pedigrees is a HUGE disservice! Here's hoping it's temporary!

Big Bear's Silver Britches - grey Connemara gelding. 

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Mar 1 Finds

Highland Sky - chestnut Irish Draught stallion.

Champagne Babisas - classic dun (grulla champagne) Quarter Horse filly. Check out the photo album (link is in the ad) for pics of her dam and a full brother!

Jetta Betty Boop - gold champagne Quarter Horse mare with the same champagne "source" as the above filly!

Golden Corona Te - very cool dark palomino Quarter Horse mare with reverse dapples!

Kathety's Birthday - grey Percheron filly. This is a pretty unusual greying pattern, usually just see it in Percherons and Andalusians, where the mane and tail go totally grey before the body even starts! Silver dapple wannabe!