Saturday, August 25, 2012

Aug 25 Finds

Xazan Interago - buckskin Lusitano gelding. LOVE that profile!

Alekhzander - chestnut blue-eyed Arabian stallion.

Xena de Mile - cool black tovero Paso Fino mare. Wish there were more pictures!

Zippin In High Cotton - chestnut sabino + splash Paint filly, cool pattern!

JNW A Sparking Prince - way cute dun blanket appy Mule gelding.

THF Champagne Dreams - amber champagne Quarter Horse gelding.

Idylwind Brychan - COOL chestnut sabino Welsh Cob gelding.

Two Faced Beaches - palomino Quarter Horse filly. Pretty cool looking, darker palomino spot on her face? And love the name...

Hercule - grullo Mulassier Draft stallion.

Dibden Tikideeboo - brown New Forest Pony mare. Another awesome name!

COF Andre - bay roan Ardennais Draft colt.

Mirafay Desperado - grey Arabian mare with a "bloody" mark on her flank.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Aug 17 Finds

Papa Smurf - roan Mammoth Donkey jack. At first glance, I just thought he was nice-looking. Then I noticed that dark leg - what's up with that? And then I saw that SUPER spotty Mule baby! So is this boy donkey spot?

Silver Ice - smoky silver Miniature colt with a VERY funky blaze!

Stagecoach Pandora - palomino Welsh Cob mare. Not unusual, I just like her!

Bold - cool chromey chestnut Morgan gelding.

Luchador - gold champagne Half-Andalusian colt, and his dam,

Mona Lisa - amber champagne Half-Belgian Warmblood mare.

Tropical Bonanza - chestnut blanket Appaloosa mare. Is that a mismark or a leftover-from-varnish-roaning spot?

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Aug 15 Finds

Stirlingridge Elijah - black Fell Pony gelding.

Llancloudy Moses - black Fell Pony gelding.

Chips And Dun - grulla overo Paint stallion with a COOL badger face!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Aug 14 Finds

A Legacy Blended Skoal - black tobiano Shetland Pony colt with a blue eye.

Champagne Champion - amber champagne Quarter Horse gelding.

MTR Awestruck Gold - gold champagne Missouri Foxtrotter filly.

Dunvegan Ablaze - chestnut Thoroughbred mare with a blue eye.

Colby - amber cream dun (dunskin champagne) tovero Paint colt.

Dun N Glitter - buckskin Thoroughbred gelding. Pedigree here.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Aug 10 Finds

Sonria - brown tobiano Oldenburg mare, just kind of cool looking with that big spot!

Winter Moon White Magic - grey Morgan colt.

Champ - gold champagne Paint colt.

Prince Caspian - chestnut pintaloosa Grade gelding.

For Kicks LL - chestnut minimal pinto Hanoverian mare.

Gayfields Good To Go - chestnut sabino roany Welsh Pony Section B mare.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Aug 7 Finds

Mister Powerful - palomino pearl overo Paint colt.

Frontier Sage Pusher - amber champagne tobiano Tennessee Walker gelding.

Golden Show Biz - cool dark palomino American Saddlebred mare.

Nouveau Deco - black tobiano Paint gelding with "shadow spots".

EWF Choc Champagne Dreams - classic cream silver (smoky silver champagne) Rocky Mountain Horse stallion.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Aug 3 Finds

Silverado's Moondance - silver champagne (they don't say what his base color is) Kentucky Mountain Horse gelding.

Gator - chestnut Grade gelding with a cool mismark spot.

The Promise Ahsuh Wee Dee - black splash pinto Welsh Section A colt. I know I've posted him before, but ain't he cool?

Windy Isles Court Jester - palomino Connemara colt. Another one I know has been on here before, but I just love him!

Simply Ashwood Rose - sable cream dun champagne tobiano Paint filly.

Freds A Smokin Fox - cool chestnut splash white Paint gelding.

My Palominos Dazzlin Gold - gold champagne Tennessee Walker gelding.

Neapolitano Pepita - bay Lipizzan stallion.

HMF Pebbles - black silver tobiano Gypsy Horse mare with a cool dark nose spot.

Flash's Champagne Titan HS - amber champagne tobiano Spotted Saddle Horse colt.

A model horse tack-making blog with GREAT pictures of a few cool Appaloosas!

Killiecrankie May Blossom - chestnut rabicano Welsh Cob mare.

Mellum's Maximus - amber (I think) champagne tobiano Tennessee Walker colt.

Hand Me Scotchn Chips - chestnut leopard Appaloosa colt with a couple of mismarks.

Champagne Peponita - classic champagne Quarter Horse mare.

No name - smoky black PRE Andalusian filly.

Kokovoko Jorgen - bay Gotland Pony gelding.

Nerolieux of Elysium - bay overo Half-Friesian colt with only a li'l star and teeny snip! A so-called "quiet faced" overo pinto.