Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Jul 25 Finds

Fire's Lady Epona - bay tobiano Half-Saddlebred mare with a reverse snip marking.

Captain Moonlight of Moonshine Glen - grey Highland Pony gelding. This has to be my favorite breed!

Teitinger - classic silver (black silver + champagne) Rocky Mountain Horse stallion, the sire of the colt posted yesterday.

Esmero WAE - cool dark buckskin PRE Andalusian colt.

Idlehour Forio - Cleveland Bay gelding.

Leo - gold champagne Andalusian/American Cream Draft cross gelding.

Tipoff from the ICHR yahoo list!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Jul 24 Finds

Champagne Ambassador - amber champagne 15/16 Arabian stallion. I've seen pics of this boy since he was brand new, LOVE him!

GA Mahogany Flame - chestnut Arabian stallion. Not really unusual, I just like him a lot!

Sierras Golden Dust - gold champagne Quarter Horse mare.

Bulle de Tetinger - classic silver (black silver + champagne) Rocky Mountain Horse colt.

Champagne Troubadour - classic silver Rocky Mountain Horse stallion.

Jeanie Star - black tovero Paint mare with a cool blaze. I picture it as a BIG blaze, with a dark eye circle and a small dark blaze overlaid on it.

Two Boons On Deck - sorrel Quarter Horse filly with a "stripe sock". Cool!

Tipoffs from the ICHR yahoo list.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Picture Day! A chestnut tobiano

She's not terribly unusual, but I got some good pics of this neat chestnut tobiano at the Red River Exhibition last month and thought I'd share! 

Beautiful eyes!

She was part of a blacksmithing demonstration, and is probably part Draft.

She was quite a ham, and posed so nicely for me!

A couple of pics of the roaning on her spots

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Jul 22 Finds

Angelica - gold dun Quarter Horse filly.

Canadream Jospatriote Showtyme - chestnut Canadian Horse mare.

JPH Hailey Bray - grey Welsh Section B filly, just over a year old and totally grey!

Bunnys Bully - neat wild bay Quarter Horse gelding.

Woodstock Sunny McZip - palomino overo Paint stallion with a funky face pattern!

Carmelized - WAY cute fuzzy dun tobiano Paint filly.

Sandy's Picture - bay speckly roan Appaloosa filly, cool pattern!

Zarza ADP - buckskin PRE Andalusian filly.

Coachman's Tsunami - grulla Morgan mare.

Aprils Cool Magnum - gold champagne blanket Appaloosa mare.

Littletree Sirius Black - black Fell Pony gelding.

Cerulean Cyan Night - grey Irish Draught colt.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Jul 12 Finds

Magic Slippers - amber champagne Quarter Horse mare.

Smokin Jetta Jones - gold champagne Quarter Horse mare.

The Champagne Dude - amber champagne Quarter Horse colt.

CK Capital Gain - gold champagne Quarter Horse stallion.

Hopey's Champagne Finale - gold champagne Tennessee Walker mare.

Raspotnik Roswell - black Dales Pony gelding.

LA Indy Robin - bay sabino pinto Thoroughbred filly.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Jul 9 Finds

Morainevalley Darley Dale - black Dales Pony filly.

Princess S Phancey - gold cream Missouri Foxtrotter mare.

Dakota Wildfire - bay overo Paint gelding. Check out that teeny amount of face white! And he looks like he's got frame and sabino (or maybe splash), so that's the amount of face white of a horse with at least two overo genes!

Jenson Sampson Elizabeth - black Shire mare with an AWESOME broken blaze.

Lagniappe Contessa - grey Dales Pony mare.

Morainevalley Royal Lancer - black Dales Pony gelding.

Wildwych Hazel - chestnut Connemara mare with chrome.

Mystic Nikita - brown blanket Appaloosa mare with a NEAT spotting pattern.

Sabre Blue Cougarand - gold champagne Quarter Horse mare.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Jul 6 Finds

Not Listed - bay splash Paint gelding with a roany spot.

EWF Kid Rock - classic (classic silver? classic cream?) champagne Rocky Mountain Horse colt. Ain't he cool?

Ruud King Of Blues - black minimal splash (blue eyes!) Quarter Horse gelding.

Desert Country's Golden Pixie - gold champagne (?) Missouri Foxtrotter mare. The pic was big before, and her skin looked too light for palomino. I don't see champagne in her pedigree though, unless I'm missing it!

Kinnic Kinnic Alabaster Splash - black sabino pinto Welsh Pony (Section B) mare.