Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Jun 28 Finds

Super Liner - smoky cream Missouri Foxtrotter mare - check out her dapples!

Rosco - bay leopard-spotted Mule gelding.

Terra Nova of Fiddlers Green - chestnut Newfoundland Pony mare.

Platinum Rose - gold champagne Tennessee Walker mare.

Snow's Touch Of Velvet - classic champagne tobiano Tennessee Walker filly.

Freckles - gold champagne (probably) sabino Tennessee Walker gelding.

Tomorrow Charmer - gold champagne Tennessee Walker gelding.

Tears Of Joy for Champagne - amber champagne tobiano Missouri Foxtrotter filly.

Shy - bay blanket POA filly, check out her funky spots!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Jun 25 Finds

Blazing Thunder - buckskin silver Rocky Mountain Horse mare.

Raspotnik Farrah - black Dales Pony filly.

Blue Eyed Navajo - blue-eyed Appaloosa gelding with an interesting (roaned out?) color.

Kjor Stjernna - red dun Norwegian Fjord mare.

Bar G's Rock E Fashionable Lady's Esquire - bay Shetland Pony stallion with a very cool blaze.

Daga - grey Akhal Teke mare.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Jun 24 Finds

Splash Of Cash Splash - bay pinto Arabian gelding - check out that leetle face marking!

BF Sunlight Surprise - dapple roan (not sure exactly what to call her!) Appaloosa mare.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Jun 23 Finds

First Angel Ashore - chestnut off-the-island Chincoteague Pony mare.

Byzantyne - bay Polish Arabian stallion.

Blain Dapper Phaethon - black Canadian Horse gelding. Registration info here.

Stardusts Just For Jean - grulla silver Rocky Mountain Horse mare.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Friday, June 18, 2010

Jun 18 Finds

Champagne Goldie - amber champagne Quarter Horse mare. Extended pedigree here.

Dusty's Golden Lady - gold champagne Missouri Foxtrotter mare.

Pecos Skip Bar - gold cream Quarter Horse stallion.

Midas's Starfire Ace - classic champagne Tennessee Walker gelding.

Watch Catalyst Tank - amber cream champagne Quarter Horse colt. More pictures here, a picture of his dam here, and full pedigree here.

Rowista Marco-Pat Tilly - bay Canadian Horse mare.

Delavoye Hero Phenom - black Canadian Horse stallion.

Redprairie Violet - grey Dales Pony mare.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Jun 16 Finds

Jubilee Dazzler Luna - black Canadian Horse mare. Check out her registration info here. Notice the "% purity" line? Canadian Horses can be "bred up" using non-Canadians. This mare would have a notation on her papers that she is a "Grade". Bred to a "pure" Canadian, her foals would 15/16 Canadian. Her colt foals would still be grades, but her fillies would be considered purebred. Here is a pdf that explains the degrees of purity. My assumption is that this policy is in effect due to the relative scarcity of the breed - and maybe to avoid extensive inbreeding.

Classical Dream Weaver - palomino frame overo Tennessee Walker stallion.

Zeven - bay Dutch Warmblood gelding with sabino markings, but a somewhat atypical blaze.

Chamomile Tea - sorrel Haflinger mare. Lovely dapples, almost looks like a silver!

Barney's Amber Chester - gold or gold cream champagne American Cream Draft gelding.

Sierras Golden Dust - gold champagne Quarter Horse mare.

Aramis - palomino Lusitano gelding.

On The Rhocks - bay roany sabino pinto Part-Arabian colt.

Forthofer's Moses - black roany Shire gelding.

SMB's Helter Skelter - one-spotted black tovero Miniature stallion, what a funky pattern!

SMC Clearly Surprised - chestnut Morgan mare with some interesting chrome!

McSwift - brown Standardbred mare with short socks and large ermine markings. Get there quick to see the big pics with her spotty feet!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Jun 14 Finds

Ruud King of Blues - black Quarter Horse colt with blue eyes.

Cam's Snow White VV - white sabino Haflinger mare.

Neapolitano Christina - grey Lipizzan stallion.

Samson YR - black Andalusian colt. Check out how brown-looking black foals can be!

Tequila Gold PGA - chestnut rabicano Arabian gelding.

Cool River's Thor - way cute brown dun Norwegian Fjord colt.

White Magic - cremello Thoroughbred stallion.

Arcadia de Bec - bay leopard Knabstrup mare. More pictures here and here.

Atlantis - black leopard Knabstrup stallion. Sire to the above mare.

Surprise Unity - very faded black Canadian Horse filly. This is probably her sire, and this is probably her dam.

Candelo RS - black Paso Fino stallion.

Susurro AFA - palomino Andalusian colt.

Snips Olympic Gold x Joshuas Dream - dun Quarter Horse colt with brindle markings.

SFF Luck Be A Lady - brown New Forest Pony filly.

Penryhn Augusta - Cleveland Bay mare.

Blue Moons Lady Lace - black extreme sabino Clydesdale filly.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Jun 9 Finds

Gramps Stylin Sprite - varnish roan Appaloosa mare.

Dundee's Ramblin Traveler - gold champagne Missouri Foxtrotter gelding. Get there quick to see the big pictures! Pedigree here.

Banners Sippin Champagne - classic champagne (homozygous champagne) Tennessee Walker mare. More pictures here.

Smithsonian Beau Elm - black tobiano American Saddlebred stallion - what a funky pattern!

Houre Black King - black Canadian Horse gelding.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Jun 7 Finds

Tyra from Rhythmhill - bay silver Icelandic mare.

Tynedale St Dominic - Cleveland Bay stallion. Beautiful photographs!

Greenbrier Prince Brady - chestnut Clydesdale gelding. Names of his parents here. Interesting color - more dark than most chestnut Clydesdales. They all (almost all?) seem to be flaxen as well!

Golden Cloud - palomino Thoroughbred gelding.

TC Peppa Joe - gold champagne Quarter Horse colt. His champagne source is Doc's Yellow Rose.

Walkers Lil Ann - gold champange Tennessee Walker filly. Her champagne source is Brooke's Class Act.

Walkers Miss Cricket - classic champagne Tennessee Walker filly. Half sister to the above filly, with the same champagne source.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Jun 4 Finds

BKA Rashiiq x Minstrilspriscela - chestnut sabino rabicano Egyptian Arabian filly.

Champagne N Promises - classic champagne tobiano Paint mare with her classic cream champagne tobiano Paint filly.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Jun 2 Finds

My Lords Shaphir - chestnut Arabian mare with a body spot. Not entirely sure whether this is a pinto spot or a "mismark".

Golden Cloud - palomino Thoroughbred gelding.

Intricate Gold - palomino Thoroughbred filly.

Woodbury Buckwheat - amber champagne Tennessee Walker gelding (champagne gene from Taylors Big Chief).

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Jun 1 Finds

Cedar Hills Kirk - black Clydesdale stallion with (comparitively) little white.

Wrangler's Fancy Man - black silver dapple Tennessee Walker stallion.

Rising Star - bay Shagya Arabian colt.

HAAP Mirage - bay sabino pinto Arabian stallion.

CR New Day - bay sabino pinto Arabian gelding.

Matchless Grace - cute buckskin blanket POA filly.

Earresistible - good-looking Mule molly (mare).

Command Of Gold - gold champagne Tennessee Walker mare.